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Ever imagined visiting a national park in the Himalayan region? Well, your dreams of visiting one would come right with the Great Himalayan National Park. It was built in the year 1984 and is situated at an altitude of 2000 meters. The location of this park is so exquisite that it would indeed fascinate the senses of any tourists. It has many important wildlife species that are native to the Western Himalayas. The Great Himalayan National Park trek is also popular among many tourists.

A brief overview of the Great Himalayan National Park

It is interesting to note that the Himalayas have been a source of awe and inspiration to countless individuals. It holds an enormous repository of rich biodiversity that is hard to find in other parts of the world. Oak and Deodar Trees border the scenic surroundings of this national park. On the other hand, if you are already keen for the Great Himalayan National Park trek, then you should pursue this activity on the summer and autumn seasons.

The Great Himalayan National Park is spread over a region of 800 square kilometers and is interspersed with rich varieties of flora and fauna. According to various wildlife experts, this national park sports some of the densest population of Himalayan wildlife species. It is located around 50 kilometers away from Kullu and is a prominent place for animal conservation. It boasts of over 376 animal species and various migratory birds.

Great Himalayan National ParkPhoto by blackfog

How to reach the Great Himalayan National Park?

You can enter this fantastic national park for the Great Himalayan National Park trek. If you wish to travel by air, then Kullu is the nearest airport. It is located just 60 kilometers away from this national park. If you want to travel by railways, then the Joginder Nagar Railway Station is the nearest station. Moreover, the station is well connected to this national park through road. On the other hand, you can easily opt for the Great Himalayan National Park trek to witness the Great Himalayan National Park animals.

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The unique attractions of this national park

The unique attraction lies on the Great Himalayan National Park animals. It has wide varieties of animals which can fascinate the senses of any traveller. One of the major attractions of this national park is its rich flora and fauna. Moreover, this national park has various rivers flowing through it. This makes this national park a wonderland for the likes of travellers and trekkers. The trekking trails in this national park are most popular and are renowned in the world for its beauty.

In this context, it is vital to mention that there are lots of villages in the boundary of the national parks that serve as accommodation facilities for trekkers. Moreover, you would be fascinated to know that almost every village has a unique form of deity. They have a distinct culture that makes the Great Himalayan National Park a wonderland.

Great Himalayan National ParkPhoto by ruffin_ready

The flora and fauna found in this national park

The Great Himalayan National Park animals are prevalent and comprise of many endangered species. If you are lucky, then you can witness various species of animals that are native to Western Himalayan climate. You would be fascinated to know that this national park houses many exotic animals like the snow leopard, blue sheep and the musk deer.

On the other hand, the flora of this national park comprises of herbs, trees and shrubs. Many medicinal plants related to Ayurveda can be found here in this national park. You would be fascinated and amazed to know that this variety of trees attracts a lot of migratory birds from faraway lands. Due to its abundant wildlife, the Great Himalayan National Park has been recognized by the UNESCO as a heritage site. It is also one of the popular destinations for trekkers in Kullu.

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Visit this national park on your next vacation to enjoy the serene environment.

Featured Photo by @the.photoguy (insta)

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