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Time flies quick and good old traditions are flying quicker. Though we learn to disregard senseless beliefs and sentiments, we sometimes neglect certain very important traditions too! Our ancestors lived a life coupled with nature, but we are not that much lucky. We run behind technology and after a longer run, when we look back at the nature, it is no longer where we left. Along with natural resources, we are also losing health, moral values and ethics. When families became smaller, gap between each family member became longer. This generation kids are unaware of “grandma stories”. And most of us don’t value such things, anymore. Let’s revive such good old traditions Of South India.

Traditions Of South India

clay pot photoPhoto by MyFWCmedia

Mud and Clay

Food and water consumed from mud containers have a lot of health benefits. Pottery is one of the oldest professions of mankind and one of the fastest disappearing art. Nowadays, clay vessels are rare to find as there are new inventions arriving everyday. Utensils have underwent a large evolution from mud to metals and plastic. These modern containers may release some amount of their chemical composition into food, causing hazardous diseases on a longer run. Now, we can understand how discarding certain traditional practices may actually lead to the advent of new diseases.

rice photoPhoto by stu_spivack

Rice and Palm

Rice is the staple food of south India and there were a large number of rice varieties, native to India. But, due to lack of awareness, people switched over to other options which forced farmers to reduce cultivation of certain varieties. Now, several healthy rice species are extinct. Such tragedies continue to exist as farmers are struck with scarce rainfall and lack of support.

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Palm is a wonder tree in which all parts of the tree can be used in one way or the other. Palm leaves were used to make small boxes, mats, vessels, leaf fans etc. They are absolutely eco-friendly, safe and provided a means of living for small scale farmers. The fruit, its juice and sugar (palm candy) were all equally beneficial. With the entry of artificially coloured soft drinks and their plastic container counterparts, such palm products are slowly getting extinct.

Copper vessel photoPhoto by summonedbyfells

Copper utensils

Copper has certain beneficial properties that can be used effectively in our day to day life. Nowadays, we use reverse osmosis and other filtering systems to purify water. But cheap and best way of water purification is the usage of copper vessels. When water is stored in a copper vessel, it gets cleansed automatically and obtains certain positive properties from copper too. This renders a two way benefit and keeps most of the water borne diseases at bay. Traditions say that even putting copper coins inside a clay pot filled with water can render a lot of health benefits. This may look like a myth, but our ancestors understood nature better than us.

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Banana leaf

Banana leaves are still being used by people in south India for serving food. It is an eco-friendly option added with many health benefits. Unlike plastic and paper plates, banana leaf does not release harmful substances into the food when served hot. Additionally it is also a hygienic way of serving a large number of population. Now, we live in an era where paper and plastic plates are used with an “image of banana leaf” printed on it. Wow, what an idea!!

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It is always good to look back at those traditional concept which are beneficial to humans and nature. When we begin to ignore them completely in the name of modernism, we are not only losing our health, but also destroying nature. Let us follow the good steps of our elder generation and leave this world a better place for our next generation.

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Good Old Traditions Of South India

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