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‘Eat breakfast like a king…’, as goes the popular saying by Adelle Davis. And it sure is the most important meal of day because having a healthy breakfast is great ways to kick start your day. Luckily, if you are Indian residing in any part of the country, you are thoroughly spoiled for options. Of course, the usual eggs, milk and juices are fine; however, Indian breakfasts are vibrant and varied, at the same time too yum to resist. For all those who find it impossible to fathom the need to sit on the table and eat a proper breakfast when all you can think of is missing your bus, being late to work yet again or feeling dreadfully drowsy, take a look at some of the most favorite breakfast dishes scooped out from the four corners of the country. Let’s take a dig into the breakfast cuisines of north, south, east and west India and you will sure be asking for more.

Like all foods, breakfast dishes are specific to practically every region or state. However, to simplify, here is taking a look at the major cuisines in the main four zones of the country. These are the breakfasts available most easily on the streets, restaurants as well as in homes.

North India –

Parathas take the trophy when it comes to north Indian breakfast. Aaloo paratha and gobi paratha are the most sumptuous of breakfasts, loaded with ghee or ladles of butter. The hot parathas along with curd and pickle are a wonderful way to start the day.

paratha photo

Here comes the parathas

Photo by jkwerner2





Other preparations of potato, such as, aaloo puri, aaloo kulcha and more are also much sought after breakfast dishes in northern India. Paneer bhurji, the any-time favorite chole bhature, chana kulchas and different pooris stuffed with various ingredients wake up the entire household with their inviting aromas and delicious looks.

bhatura photo

The bulging bhaturas

Photo by secretlondon123

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The north is also the land of Darjeeling and Assam tea, a staple beverage which not only north India, but many parts of the country are highly addicted to.

tea photoPhoto by psd







West India –

With states such as, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra forming the western crux, delicacies are hard to keep pace with and count. Western India thus is home to mouth smacking breakfasts, such as the light on the stomach, aaloo and kanda poha, the healthy sabudana kichdi, the soft khaman dhokla, the idly counter part of south Handva and the crisp yet filling khakhras and theplas. Using healthy ingredients such as, flour, gram flour, ghee and cumin seeds, western India breakfasts are a fine mix that helps to sustain the body through- out the day.

poha photo

Poha mania

Photo by r


dhokla photo

The Gujarati Dhokla

Photoby eekim





East India –

Eastern India is a food haven and has a great proliferation and presence of street food, even in early mornings. The aaloo puris, jalebis, dal pooris, luchis, niharis are quite happily sprinkled on the palates and plates of those living here.

jalebis photo

The magical jalebis

Photo by dr_vaibhavahuja






North east has its own specials, such as, Jol Paan of Assam, Egg Shoap of Nagaland, Khura of Arunachal, Phale of Sikkim, Putharo of Meghalaya and Tan of Manipur.

South India –

South India has on offer a breakfast arsenal, which leaves even the laziest and sleepy headed creatures without excuse of skipping the meal. Idly, dosa, vada, pongol, rawa kichdi and the list can go on, are some of the most easily prepared, light on the stomach breakfasts, which are healthy as well as hearty. Couple these with a hot piping cup of strong coffee and you are sure to be set with agility and wakefulness for the day.

dosas photo

The demure dosa

Photo by Phil Denton Photo by Phil Denton

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Just gulping a glass of milk in hurry or grabbing an apple on the way to work is what we tend to do these days. However, as suggested by many experts, having a good breakfast is a far better health sustaining option than skipping it or minimizing it. And when you have cuisines and delicacies as the above easily and readily available or prepared it takes only little common sense and effort to avail these.

Wake yourself up to the glory of the morning, armed with a newspaper and floored by a magnificent spread. It is truly then a very Good Morning!


Good Morning! What’s For Breakfast?

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