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Gokarna Beach – A Picturesque Trek In The State Of Karnataka

Gokarna is a small town in Karnataka along the shores of the Arabian Sea. The Gokarna beach is a trekker’s fascination. The trek along the golden sands and the overlooking hillocks is thrilling and adventurous. Though the path is relatively tough as you need to cross the rocky hills, the green scenery with the coconut trees and the sparkling sea waters will uplift your adrenal level.

The word “Gokarna” means Cow’s Ear. It is believed that Lord Shiva emerged from Cow’s ear at this place. The place is located at the confluence of Sayadhris and the Arabian Sea.

You need to first reach Bangalore to start on your trip to Gokarna. The trek is a long one about 8 to 9 hours covering a distance of 7 to 8 km. The route, popularly known as “The Golden Route”, comprises of several serene beaches, huge rocks, the friendly dolphins, a temple and a fort.

Trekkers Know-how

Kudle Beach
Photo of ‘Kudle Beach’ by mariel drego under CC BY 2.0

It is advisable to start the trek as early as possible as its quite a long route and there are several places of attraction where you must spend and savor your eyes with nature’s beauty. From Bangalore, you can hire a cab or a bus to reach Gokarna. From the Gokarna bus point, you need to walk down to Paradise Beach. The trek initiates from the Paradise Beach.

You must ensure to have a sufficient amount of water and light snacks in your backpack as the journey starts from early morning till the sunset. Light Pants and loose shirts are preferable. The shoes must be strong enough to climb the rocky hillocks. If possible you can carry a pair of slippers to walk comfortably on the beach sands. Carry a small torch for safety after sunset.

The Journey

Paradise Beach is quite serene, uninhabited by humans a few years back. The beach is surrounded by palm trees. The seashore is rocky and it’s amazing to watch the waters splashing against the rocks. After a peaceful and leisurely experience at the beachside, you will proceed towards the Half Moon Beach.

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The hike from Paradise to Half Moon is over the hillocks along the ocean side. The warmth of the beach is charming. You can see several huts and shacks near the beach. If you are super adventurous then you can climb up the high rocks to enjoy a scintillating experience of the beachside.

The next destination of the trek is the Om Beach. The walk is along a steep slope, encompassed with wild plants and trees along with the backdrop of the sea. Amidst the marvelous greenery and shining sea waters, you can rejuvenate your mind with some cool coconut water.

From Om beach proceed towards Kudle beach. On the way stop at the dolphin viewpoint to watch the dolphins playing around in the sea. Kudle beach is famous for its sunset viewpoint. Sit and watch the sky transforming into vibrant red as the sun kisses the sea waters to magically vanish behind the horizon. Relax and soothe your ears with the gushing sound of the waves.

As the night descends with the moonlit sky, start your walk towards the Gokarna beach. Gaze up at the sky to watch the blinking galaxy of stars. The trek ends at this point. After a stopover at night start your return journey to Bangalore. On the way, you can visit the Mahabaleshwar temple and the Mirjan Fort.

The Concluding Path

The beaches along the trek serve a unique plethora of serenity and calmness. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, it is quite a blissful experience to traverse through the scenic route.

The Gokarna beach mesmerizes the trekkers with the reflection of the moonlight on the plunging sea waves. The trek is one of the spectacular journey which you must add in your bucket list and indulge in nature’s beauty.

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Featured Photo of ‘Gokarna – Sunset Rocks’ by Abhijit Shylanath under CC BY 2.0


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