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Goa is a small state in India which is famous for its beaches. It is also known as the ‘Rome of the East’. Goa is one of the main tourist spots loved by the Indian and foreign tourists. The place was under the Portuguese for more than 450 years and they have infused the culture of both India and Portugal. The people of Goa are known as Goans. The Goan people are fond of music and football. Goan culture is a mix of east and west. You could feel and experience this mix from the food to art and culture. Once you go the beaches of Goa, you will feel like it is a very modern place than the other parts of India. But the Goans are very religious and peace-loving people.

The People of Goa

Goa Beach photoPhoto by Jason Sam

Goans are of friendly and flamboyant character. They don’t believe in unnecessary society race to make money. You can easily find a holiday mood in their typical lifestyle and most of them exercise ‘siesta’. They shut the shops from 1 to 4 pm every day. Majority Goans are Hindus and the rest are Christians and Muslims. But religion has never played any part in the Goan culture. People are treated as Goans first. The Goans are naturally quite tolerant people and you won’t have any problem because of religious customs. They respect each other and give values to each other’s customs.

Language of Goa

Konkan photoPhoto by rovingI

Konkani is the major language spoken in Goa though Hindi, Marathi, and English are also spoken. It is a language which does not have literature. Konkani people are those who live there in the Konkan region. The Konkani language has different versions according to the nativity of people. Konkani language of the Christians is quite different compared to that spoken by the Hindus. Marathi has a very big role in the Goan education. Most of the Goans can speak Marathi fluently.

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Goan Culture

Konkan photoGoan culture has a long and strong history. There were many outer elements to destroy the Goan culture and inject a new one. Because of their resilience, they have come out it and managed to keep up their own culture and traditions upfront. But you could see a foreign culture in them which they owe to their inclusiveness. The Goans have adopted some of the good elements of foreign culture over the years. Goans are the best people to live with.


Konkan photoGoan traditions and customs are flexible because of their lifestyle and the various foreign kingdoms that have ruled them. The Goans are used to adopt the changing trends into their beliefs and customs. Thus they are very liberal in traditional beliefs and customs. That said, the Goans are very fond of the Portugal architecture and try to follow the same when they build a house. The lifestyle of the people of Goa and their thought process are totally different from those living in the other parts of India. The Goans are unique and believe in inclusiveness, which makes them stand apart. This owes a lot to the vivid Goan culture to which many people get easily attracted.

Goan Costume

Goa costume photoPhoto by duziem

The people of Goa wear costumes that reflect their attitude towards life. They prefer colorful dresses and jewelry. Most of them prefer to use modern costumes. Pano Bhaju and 9-yard Sari with jewelry are the traditional costumes of the womenfolk of Goa. The fishermen used to wear colorful shirts and half pants with a hat made of the bark of the bamboo tree. During the festival times, you could see different types of masks used in Goa.

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Goan Cuisine

Goa food photoPhoto by Joel’s Goa Pics

Goan people are foodies. The Goan cuisine also has a blend of foreign and Indian culture. Goan cuisine is known for seafood and sweets. Goa culture is a combination of dance, music, festival, cuisine and the people. Rice and fish curry are the most popular dishes in Goa. Coconut, cashews, and Kokum add flavor to the Goan food. The Christians here prefer beef and pork. Prawn Balham is one of the best dishes of the Goans. They prefer spicy food and sweets.  Chicken Cafreal is a grilled dish with garlic paste which is one of the popular dishes for Goan dinner. Bebinca is the main dessert to have in Goa. Since Goa is a coastal area, most of the people prefer seafood. The Hindus in Goa are mostly vegetarian.

Occupation of the people in Goa

Goa food photoThe main occupation of the people of Goa is fishing. Goa is a coastal state and hence, fishing is the major occupation. For the same reason, the land will be fertile compared with other parts of the country. Farming is another popular occupation. In Goa, farming of coconut, mango, cashews, paddy, ragi, jackfruit, banana, and bajra are done. Goan people nowadays give more importance to tourism because the Government is supporting them. There are more villages than cities in Goa which attracts many tourists to the state. Many people run homestays and take up tourism-related occupations which are also quite trending among the youngsters in Goa.

Featured Photo by dineshobareja

Goan Culture – A Blend Of East And West

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