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Goa, the name itself gives us this chilling vibe isn’t it? Well as we know the beautiful town of Goa is immensely popular for its magnificent beaches. But for those who go to Goa just to see the beaches actually just see one side of Goa, and that of course is the most common side and reason too. Do you know Goa has another side too? And this one side is totally different. Heard of the Goa Carnival? Goa actually attracts end number of tourist enthusiasts to this grand festival. So let’s check out some fascinating details about this Grand festival of India.

Goa Carnival- The Grand Festival Of India

Goa Carnival photoPhoto by Joel’s Goa Pics

If you talk about a simple day in Goa for the locals around the villages it would go round and round over their daily lives. It would be about fishing, relishing the authentic Goan cuisine and trying to live a comfy life. But when it comes to festival time, nothing can match up to the spirit the residents display, we can say the Goans make sure they don’t leave a single stone un-turned when it comes to celebrating and having a merry time.

In Goa there are end number of cities and villages which soak in together when it comes to celebrating festivals in this state. Yes the festivals of Goa is about togetherness, it’s about their culture and traditions. All the people get together and celebrate the festival with much pomp and dynamism. The grand Goa Carnival is one perfect example which is celebrated by the people of this town every year with a lot of splendor and gusto.

Carnaval – The Portuguese Name

The carnival of Goa is called Carnaval, this is the Portuguese name of this grand Indian festival. The Carnaval takes place every year somewhere in the end of February, precisely the dates range from February 25 to 28. The festival last for four days and is one of the festival which is highly awaited for. Well this hold true not only for the locals but even by end number of tourist from the country and even abroad. People of this state get together and prepare for this grandeur festival months in advance. No wonder this is one show, is surely a once in a lifetime opportunity for people like me and many tourist.

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Goa Carnival : Here Is All You Would Want To Know About This World Popular Festival

Goa Carnival photoPhoto by Apoorva Guptay

Goa carnival is all about beautiful bright colours, yes the celebrations flaunts bright colors almost everywhere. Throughout the entire 4 days of celebration floats and traditional rituals form one of the most important part even today. The carnival goes around and through the major cities of the state. However the extravaganza begins from the capital of Goa, Panjim. The celebrations begin every day from around 3 pm and last until late evening

King Momo who is believed to be derived from the Greek god Momus, begins the carnival. This person plays one of the most important parts of the carnival, he opens the grand carnival. In the later part of the carnival King Momo is crowned, this is another very popular traditional ceremony of the carnival. King Momo motivates the people to enjoy the celebrations, eat and drink. He also has a court which involves awesome dancers, fire eaters and other revellers.

Goa Carnival photoPhoto by Apoorva Guptay

Now coming to one of the most important part of the celebration, yes you are right I am going to talk about the “Parade”. This parade goes around the town with huge number people dancing all over the goan streets. End number of talented entertainers are dressed up in beautiful attires, they proudly showcase their unique talents and entertain the people. As I said the Goa Carnival is all about colours and so are the people, people come decked and dressed in colorful attires, this adds more to the entire zeal of the show. The parade can be seen in Panjim, Mapusa, Margao and Vasco.

We spoke about King Momo already, and to add more to this interesting character there is one fact that this festival is totally incomplete without the popular crowning ceremony of King Momo. Known as the Red and Black Ball, this important ceremony takes place on the last day of the celebration. This ceremony takes place in Panjim, in the Club National. For this ball people come dresses in their very best outfits along with masks. They enjoy this last day to the fullest as it marks the end to this grand carnival.

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Goa Carnival photoPhoto by Apoorva Guptay

The age-old tradition of Carnival in Goa was started in the era of the Portuguese when they ruled over Goa. Even after the Portuguese left, the Goans have actively kept this festival alive. Goa Carnaval is celebrated in the state since the 18th century, and this celebration marks togetherness. Yes it is not only celebrated by the Christians community but with the same zeal by all people irrespective of their community, caste and culture. The main reason behind this 4 day celebration is to get each and every one together to make enjoy, eat and drink from all their hearts and soul.  The State Tourism Department of Goa actively promotes the carnival; this is to attract large number of tourists to Goa to witness its cultural side.

Well it’s totally all the worth to be to Goa during the Carnival time. Don’t forget that Goa is the one and only state in the country where such a grand carnival takes place. As I said this festival is all worth to witness for its liveliness and enthusiasm. Goa carnival is a unique blend of tradition and modernism, that’s why I say there, is no other way to witness the real Goa than seeing the carnivals.

If you are planning to visit Goa, I would suggest that you plan it during the late February. It’s time to see a bit more of Goa than only the beaches. Got something to share about Goa Carnival? Why don’t you drop it to us as comments below?

Featured Photo by Joel’s Goa Pics

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