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Talking about the fashion industry in India today, when it comes to sarees the industry is still blooming. There is something magical about sarees and their connection with Indian women is something even more magical. In the current era this particular industry has too evolved like other fashion industry, it has now transformed into something more modern and urban. Today we are regularly seeing more and more innovations when it comes to designs, styles and patterns. Even in this modern and western era the saree industry is still holding its position strong.

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10 Saree Shopping Destinations In India

Check out below 10 popular places in India to go Saree Shopping. Trust me the variety you get in these destinations are absolutely beautiful. Something that you would feel is worth to invest in, after all ladies treasure their sarees like they treasure their Gold ornaments isn’t it. Probably this is because of the special connection of our lovely sarees with the Indian culture and tradition that sarees hold such a special place in every women life.

Top Saree Shopping Destinations In India:

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1. Banaras (Uttar Pradesh)

Varanasi or Banaras the holy city and the where the pious river, Ganga flows. This holy city apart the Kashi Vishwanath Temple the other thing that makes this city proud is the Banarasi sarees. Every Indian women treasures a Banarasi Saree in her wardrobe and who doesn’t definitely desire to have one for sure. Banarasi Sarees have very delicate yet extremely beautiful zari work on it, the embroidery work all over and the designed pallu makes these stand out totally. These are one of the first choices for the brides during the wedding season.

2. Jetpur (Gujarat)

Located in the Gujarat, Jetpur falls in the district of Rajkot. This town is also the town of textiles in the state of Gujarat. What makes this city popular is the cotton saree Udyog. Jetpur is also the chief exporter of Khanga and kitange, both these are fabric which are used by the Native Africans.

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3. Chanderi (Madhya Pradesh)

Now coming to Chanderi in Ashok Nagar which is located in the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh. This city is very popular for its own variety of Chanderi silk sarees. These Chanderi Silk sarees are believed to be a legacy which have been passed on from one generation to the other. These are extremely soft, light weight sarees which are woven in both cotton and silk.

Sambalpuri photoPhoto by RubyGoes

4. Sambalpur (Odisha)

Sambalpuri or the Ikat sarees come from the beautiful city of Sambalpur which is located in Odisha. The local name for these sarees are ‘Sadhi’, Sadhis are basically made from silk, cotton and Tassur. The Sambalpuri sarees are considered to be one of India’s most gorgeous sarees.

5. Bhagalpur (Bihar)

Tussar Sarees are a speciality from the state of Bihar. In the city called Bhagalpur in Bihar the Tussar sarees are available in a variety of woollen materials and mixed fabrics. One of the most popular variety of the Tussar Sarees are the one with Madhubani paintings on it.

6. Bishnupur (West Bengal)

Bishnupur is a city in the state of West Bengal which is immensely popular for its Baluchari Sarees. These sarees are considered to be a treasure trove; because they are a classic when it comes to traditional Bengali sarees. Few varieties of the Baluchari sarees have some really interesting tales weaved on it which forms a classic design. Trust me having one of these will be totally worth and it is bound to become one of those prized possession in your wardrobe.

Kanchipuram photoPhoto by seeveeaar

7. Kanchipuram (Tamil Nadu)

This one variety from the Kanchipuram city in Tamil Nadu doesn’t need any introduction. The Kanchipuram silk sarees are not only popular in India but even throughout the world. What makes the Kanchipuram sarees stand out are the intricate designs and the zaris, matched up with some really bold colour combinations.

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8. Sualkuchi (Assam)

Sualkuchi is a beautiful town located in the state of Assam. This city is very popular for its exclusive variety of silks like Pat, Muga and Eri silk. These are made by using natural gold colours which are not dyed. To add further to the allure of the sarees traditional motifs are done on the pallu and borders.

9. Bargarh (Odisha)

Bargarh is another location for saree shopping in the state of Odisha which is also the business hub of Western part of Odisha. This city is also extremely popular for its Sambalpuri sarees variety. This particular district also gathers fame for other varieties of Sambalpuri clothes.

10. Patan (Gujarat)

The popular IkkatPatola silk sarees come from Patan in Gujarat. What makes the IkkatPatola silk sarees special are the rich designs and awesome colour combinations.

All woman love to embellish sarees on all traditional occasions isn’t it? and having a variety of any of these popular classic is going to be a cherry on the top. I am sure you would visit these states in India some or the other time in your life. Do check out these Shopping destinations as they have an absolutely amazing variety of sarees which are a classic for sure and will enhance the value of your wardrobe even more.

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Go Saree Shopping At These Popular Indian Destinations

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