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Metro cities such as Mumbai, Delhi are known for their pace, people, and crowds. Living in the city can make you forget the charm and culture of the place. A special thing like walking tour is perfect to get reacquainted with your city. The Old Delhi walking tour can be ideal to learn new things about your city. 

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Every city in India has a unique story to tell. Delhi is a majestic city and it has been ruled by several factions over the centuries. Every ruler, every king left their mark and eventually the city became divided into two parts. New Delhi is the developed, modern day version while Old Delhi is the colorful, vibrant and chaotic place full of hidden gems. For tourists, it can be a bit overwhelming since the city is difficult to experience. A walking tour can let them have a glimpse of the real Old Delhi in its full glory. 

Old Delhi, like its name, takes us back to the olden days. Days of leisure, when women spend hours in the market, browsing, and shopping. Colorful lanes packed with flavored delicacies, trinkets, jewelry, and clothes. Tourists and visitors can see nature, buildings, exhibitions, heritage structures, and art. It also boasts of one of the busiest street markets in India. Open till late night, a good Old Delhi walking tour will ensure you experience the hustle and bustle of the market. 

It can be difficult trying to view everything from your hotel or by cab. A walking tour is well paced and allows everyone from older people to children to revel in Old Delhi. Some walks also let travelers take cycle or rickshaw rides for a part of the tour so they can feel like a citizen! Of course all without the hassle of actually struggling to catch one!

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Travelers and tourists can have varied tastes and want to soak the local culture and mood in. Old Delhi has a lot to offer which wouldn’t be possible to see and experience normally. Old Delhi walking tours comprise of letting tourists walk with locals who share their stories and life experiences. This allows for a deeper sense of bonding and empathy instead of just a bored tour guide spouting facts. There are different kinds of walks for every kind of tourist and enthusiast out there. 

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Some Old Delhi walking tours are food trails and perfect for the food lover. You can sample local delicacies, street food and sweets made by Delhi locals. Find the local popular grub spot and you will find the place’s history. Food in Old Delhi is one of the best in India, spicy, savory and sweet. There is nothing you can’t find there to eat. Other Old Delhi walking tours include culture and architecture. You will be taken to view forts, havelis, temples, and mosques. Even in ruins, you can feel the history coursing through the places. They all speak of an era gone by, a time when Delhi was the heart of the Indian empire and everybody wanted a piece of it.

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For the cultural maverick, there are tours that walk you through exhibitions, galleries, gardens, and museums. Art is also mixed in the tour since travelers get to know more about music, nature, and cooking in Old Delhi. And how is a visit complete without getting any souvenirs? Your walking tour will take you to Chandni Chowk, the famed bazaar of Old Delhi. Women and men from all over the country flock to Chandni Chowk to shop for fabrics, clothes, jewelry, and souvenirs. They have authentic, locally made artifacts and crafts you can buy as a memento of your trip to Delhi.

The tours are timed differently and usually available on all days of the week. You can choose one based on your convenience and interests.

An Old Delhi walking tour is the real, interesting way to connect with the city you are visiting instead of just being the tourist. You can step into the shoes of a local and breathe in the flavors, colors, smells and sense of Old Delhi. Find the Old Delhi walking tour you want on the Internet. 

Go Off The Tourist Path By Taking The Old Delhi Walking Tour

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