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Recently there was a fight over the GI Tag for the very tasty Rosogulla Dessert. Of course, this sweetmeat is very famous.Ultimately GI Tag went to West Bengal.  There are some more unique and not so famous GI Tags which some Indian States hold.  India has more than 300 GI Tags at present.  Let’s go through some of them.

GI Tag means Geographic Indication and refers to the name or sign that is used to indicate specific products that come from certain geographical location or area. This ensures that the name registered can be used only by people of that location or geographic area registered.  The first Tag received was for Darjeeling Tea.

1) Coimbatore Wet Grinder

wet grinder photo

Photo by Rameshng

It is food preparing appliance that is used in wet grinding.  This is especially used for preparing Idly, Dosa, Appam and Vada Batter. Perfect batter consistency is attained with the use of one or two granite stones that move in tandem in a drum which rotates with a help of a small motor.  The official GI tag for this product was received in 2006.

2)  Shaphee Lanphee Textile – Manipur

Shaphee Lanphee is a traditional textile shawl woven by Meitei women of Manipur.  It was gifted as a present to soldiers for their exploit during wars.  Beautiful embroidery of animals and nature are woven using cotton threads on Black cloth.  This product got recognition in the year 2011.

3)  Sikki Grasswork of Bihar

Sikki is a special kind of golden grass found in the Indian state of Bihar.  It is used to make various home –décor products, toys, dolls, boxes and baskets.  A box Pauti made of Sikki grass is given to daughters on their marriage day to store their Sindoor, a symbol of marriage.

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4) Mahabaleshwar Strawberry

strawberry mahabaleshwar photoPhoto by chirag_jog

We all think that Strawberries are imported stuff.  You will be surprised to know we have one place exclusive cultivating this plant in India.  Mahabaleshwar produces 85% of the total Strawberry production in India.  This product received the GI tag in the year 2010.  They are even exported to countries like Malaysia, Belgium, France and the Middle East!

5) Agates of Cambay

Agate wall photoPhoto by lblanchard

Agates are gorgeous gemstones used to make jewelry, stone carvings and other home décor products.  Also called pious stones for their calming properties, they have great international demand at present.  Agates have been brought from Rajapipla hills to Cambay and processed into various forms since 1,500 A.D.

6)  Leather toys of Indore – Madhya Pradesh

Craftsmen of Indore are experts in making Animal toys from Leather.  These include miniature to lifesize toys of animals such a horse, cow, goat, cat, lion, tiger, elephants etc. These craftsmen are so good that they can create even exotic animal versions from mere photographs.  Minute details such as skin patterns, postures and muscles layouts are clearly etched by them in these toys.

7) Villianur Terracotta Toys – Puducherry

Villianur Terracotta toys of Puducherry received the GI tag in the year 2011.  These toys are crafted from Green Clay, Thennal and fine sand.  This craft is being practiced in this area for over 20 generations!  Terracotta figures range from  1 inch and to 30 ft.  Some of these toys can be removed part by part and reassembled as well.

The theme for these toys is usually Gods and Goddesses and animals.

8)  Aranmulla Kannadi

aranmula kannadi photoPhoto by Rajesh’

Aranmula Kannadi is a handmade mirror made in Aranmula, Kerala.  It is different from regular mirrors because it is made of a metal alloy that eliminates secondary reflections.  This product received its GI tag in 2004-05.

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A 45-centimeter tall Aranmula Kannadi has even found its way to the British Library in London.

9) Kashmir Papier Mache – Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmir Papier Mache is an extremely beautiful and colorful craft. Craftsmen make Vases, trays, Lamp bases, cups and Boxes from just Paper pulp. This craft was brought to India by Muslims of Persia.  These products are marketed in both domestic and International markets.  Mostly made at homes, this beautiful artwork form received the GI Tag in 2011 -12.

10)  Bobbili Veena – Andhra Pradesh

Bobbli Veena is made by Sarwasiddi Community of Bobbili in Andhra Pradesh.  This is a string instrument used in Carnatic Classical music.  This big Veena is made from a single piece of wood from Jackfruit tree.

This Musical instrument received its Geographical Identification in 2011.

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GI TAG  -Some Indian GI Tags That Are Not So Familiar But Equally Amazing

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