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The famous Ramoji Film City located in Hyderabad is known for film shootings and also is a  popular tourist spot. The largest film studio complex in the country is located in Telangana state of India and has many hotels in and around the place, which if locals are to believed are haunted.

Ghosts of Nizam’s dead soldiers

The grand Ramoji Film City was built by Ramoji Rao, a well-known Telugu film producer in 1996. It has been claimed that the studio complex was built on the place that used to be a battlefield for the Nizam Sultans, the royalties of Hyderabad’s past era. Since there were many battles fought on that piece of land spread over more than 1600 acres, many soldiers had died there. Now, it is believed that the ghosts of the dead soldiers are loitering around the studios, hotels and many other spots in the Film City.

Stories of spooky incidents at Ramoji Film City

There have been many stories of spine-chilling incidents of paranormal activities at the hotels and studios in the Film City. Once an actress had seen an apparition in her dressing room mirror, many light men have been pushed down from heights or their lights have fallen down despite having been properly secured. The staff of the hotels in and around the Ramoji Film City can also tell you tales of unusual activities in their hotels. Lights suddenly going on and off without any electricity fluctuation problem, food on plates left in the room found scattered everywhere, strange writings on mirrors resembling Urdu words and many more such tales.

The Ramoji Studio City is a wonderful place to visit while in the city of Hyderabad. ­Many South Indian and Bollywood films have been shot at the studio complex. It also has tourist attractions like an amusement park and recreation centre. If you want to see a world-class studio complex and also get some creepy experience, then you can certainly book a room in one of the hotels located inside the Film City or around it. You will sure hear a lot of stories of dead soldiers and their ghostly antics. Besides, you might just get to meet a film celebrity or get to watch a dynamic action scene being shot.

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Is The Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad Haunted?

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