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From the state of Rajasthan, here I bring you their traditional folk dance which is popularly known as Ghoomar. This is an absolutely unique form of dance which is performed by the women. Dresseed in colourful Ghagras, the lovely women of Rajasthan dance together in circles. This folk dance is not about loud and flashy moves and music, but it’s about some really graceful moves which highlights the elegance of the women in Rajasthan. One of the most amazing thing about Ghoomar is that the women dance while their faces are covered with a veil, but that doesn’t act as a barrier but makes this whole scène look even more amazing. Men also feature in this dance, they sing and sometimes even dance together. Some of the most graceful gesture in this dance is the twirls, beating palms and finger snapping.

Ghoomar: Its Origin and History

Ghoomar photoPhoto by Arian Zwegers

The Jodhpur region is also known as Marwar. This area is very popular for this folk dance form known as Ghoomar. Ghoomar is performed by the Rajashthani communities on the occasions like rains, Holi, Diwali, and also as a rite of passage. Ghoomar was developed by the Bhil tribe, now it also connects with different Rajput and Rajasthani communities. Both these communities are believed to have adopted this dance form as a show of harmony.

Ghoomar: A Symbol Of Womanhood

Ghoomar photoPhoto by Arian Zwegers

This dance form is just not about dancing and singing, but this traditional folk dance is actually symbolises womanhood. Girls participate in this dance and declare that they have entered womanhood and that they have now stepped into the shoes of a women. Isn’t that an interesting fact about this folk dance.

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Ghoomar And The Traditional Attire

Ghoomar photoPhoto by Arian Zwegers

Dance can never be complete without that perfect outfit, and when it comes to traditional folk dances then the attire plays the most important role. In this particular dance form the attire shows the real essence of the dance. The women wear beautiful Ghagra and Chaniya and then do that one patent step called “Ghoomna”. Ghoomna is a step where the girls go round and round in a very elegant manner and the ghagra produces that whirling effect. Watching the women do this step is a delight to one’s eyes, as one might feel like watching a kaleidoscope of beautiful colours. Traditionally this dance was performed to worship Goddess Sarswati. But in this current era everyone identifies this dance of Ghoomar (from Marwar) with the bright and colourful outfits, ornaments like Silver, Kundan and mirror necklaces along with the graceful moves.

For years the Indian Women have been mesmerized by the beautiful design, colour and swirling robes from Rajasthan. It is because of the wonderful folk dances like Ghoomar, that the outfits like Ghagra and Chaniya Choli have gained so much popularity. Today girls and women like to wear the Ghagra and Chaniya Choli as it displays the real essence of Rajasthan.

Ghoomar: The Performance

Ghoomar photoPhoto by Light Play

Mostly Ghoomar is performed during the festival of Teej. Apart from Teej this graceful dance is also performed in other festivals, occasions and weddings. One more important fact that makes this dance form really special is that any newly wedded bride performs this dance after she is welcomed at the groom’s home, isn’t this an interesting ritual of Rajasthan? I am sure every bride would give her best performance, this could make the groom fall in love with her isn’t it?

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Ghoomar: The Essence Of The Culture Of Rajasthan

Ghoomar displays the real essence of the culture of Rajasthan. It offers an opportunity to feel the rich culture of Rajasthan. The dance is absolutely graceful and a different touch is added by the traditional attire of ghagra choli with colourful chunris. It’s like the attire talks totally about the traditions and culture of Rajasthan. The women carry the culture of Rajasthan gracefully with that veil. What makes them look even more attractive is the bangles and traditional jewellery. The specially designed attire with mirror work gives a cultural insight into the Rajasthani culture.

Ghoomar & Its Popularity

Ghoomar has gained immense popularity during these recent times just not in India but across the world. One of the most lesser known fact about his amazing dance form is that very recently it has made its way to become one of world’s most amazing folk dance form. Ghoomar has been ranked as the 4th most popular dance form in the world as per (An international travel website).

This is a simple dance form which solely demands the enthusiasm of the dancer. Yes, Ghoomar is a symbol of Womanhood, but there is no rigid rule for only the young girls to be eligible to perform this dance form. But women from any age group can perform it. Ghoomar is also known as ‘Jhumar’. Do see this dance sometime in life, you will be surprised how the simplest of swaying movements can look so graceful and mesmerizing.

Photo by Light Play

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