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Get Ready For The Dune Bashing In The Thar Desert, Rajasthan

Put on your safari hat, fasten your seat belts and get ready for the Dune Bashing in the Thar Desert, Rajasthan, a real pleasure ride for everyone. In India, dune bashing means exploring the sand dunes of the desert like a thorough safari, and it helps to know the desert well from close enough.

Dune Bashing In Rajasthan

There are two types of dune bashing in Rajasthan:

  • Indian Style
  • Dubai Style

Indian Style Safari/ Dune Bashing include a complete trip in the desert on the camels with expert guides for adequate information, whenever needed.

While in the Dubai Style Safari/ Dune Bashing includes a complete trip in the desert in SUV or any other suitable heavy desert cars or off-road vehicles.

Experiencing a Dune Bashing is like leaving a temporary sand mark in the desert, like never-ending parallel rail tracks on the sand dunes and often makes them sway in the air when the winds hit them while exploring on the camel backs or in cars. You can see every sand particles swinging in front of you according to your pace of movement. Under it is sand, light and uneven, so the car ride will make you feel like a thrilling roller coaster. You can see the distant horizon of nature in the sunset and camels marching with locals in silhouette or colorful attire. Often, we hear the word ‘Mirage.’ It is directly linked with deserts. If you have a poetic mind or your eyes are a canvas searching for paintings in the vacant landscape, then these mirages will certainly be your inspiration for the next few days after the dune bashing, if not mirages will surely make you feel like a selected one with inner sights throughout the journey. These dunes bashings are mostly 5 kilometers long and 3-4 kilometers wide, so it is an extended area to gather and witness a new experience.

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Dune Bashing at the time of Desert Festivals can be even more spectacular and ethnic. You can listen to classical music of that soil from distant places with light outlines of temples and ruins of history. Fairs and stalls of local ornaments and delicacies are also a treat for the eye and taste buds.

In Rajasthan, there are many places for these kinds of Safaris but among the few selected ones, Sam Dunes, a great place near Jaisalmer to experience the perfect and authentic both type of the dunes bashing. Their luxury off-road cars swirl the sands right behind your back and in both the sides, to make you feel a mini sand storm, being inside a safe place. Dunes Bashing is a new trending sport or hobby and experience to remember for the lifetime. When the car takes you back to the camp after the safari, you will see some sands stills sticking on the outer side of the vehicle. If you feel far profoundly, you can even find some sand residues inside your minds too as an ever-lasting impact which will give you every reason to cherish and share with your friends and relatives. Dunes Bashing is cool and happening.

Featured Photo: New Range Rover Sport | The Empty Quarter Driven Challenge by landrovermena under CC BY 2.0

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