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West Bengal holds a population that is more than many small countries in the world. The state encompasses an area of 88,752 km2 within its boundaries. Kolkata is the capital of this city, and it has a rich culture and heritage that has been luring thousands of tourists throughout the year. But little do people know that each district has its flavor to add to the potent concoction that people cannot get enough of. One such district, with a rich past, is Malda. If you want an experience of a lifetime, then make sure that you visit Gaur Pandua. These two places have a lot to offer for the tourists who have an eye for anything royal.

Location of Gaur Pandua

Let us first take a close look at the location of these two spots. Both of them are situated in the district of Malda. A quick search on the internet will give you the exact location of Gaur Pandua. If you are new to the area, then booking the services of any tour company in Malda will be an ideal option. They will provide you with several Malda tour packages options. The cost of the package will depend on the duration of your stay. The two tourist hot spots are not set far apart and can be reached within a few hours by car. It means you will be able to complete sightseeing within two days.

Tasting the flavors Malda

Malda has a rich cultural backdrop. The mention of places like Gaur Pandua can be traced back to the ancient days. Many Hindu scripts give us a bright idea that these two placed were very important during the old days. If the tourists opt for the services of any tour company in Malda, they will get a guide who knows about the ancient history and significance of these areas.

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One can visit these places throughout the year, but the best Malda tour timings are during the winter months. Though the winters get chili, the summers are too hot to tackle. If you want to experience the beauty of the area during summers, then opt for any Malda tour packages today.

Top tourist attractions in Gaur

  1. Ramkeli – This seemingly unimportant town holds a religious importance that very little knows about. The area is located towards the south of Malda. There is a unique stone that is said to have the imprint of Sri Chaitanya Dev’s footprint. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was born in this part of the district, and his nickname was Gaurango. Thus, the name of the area is Gaur. No matter which Malda tour packages you opt for, a visit to this place is guaranteed.
  2. Bara Sona Masjid – a few kilometers from this religious spot, is an architectural wonder that will transform the tourists into the ancient times of Arabic rulers. After the Hindu rulers, the entire area was conquered by the Muslim rulers. They brought with them their religion. One such mosque is the Bara Sona Masjid. The construction of this mosque started under Allaudin Shah and was completed under the rule of his son Nasiruddin Nusrat Shah.
  3. Dakhil Darwaza – It was also constructed under the rule of the Muslim rulers. If you are taking a trip with the guide appointed by any tour company in Malda, then he will mention that the gateway has a height of 21 meters and has a width of 34.5 meters. The construction took place during 1425. A tour to Gaur and Pandua will not be complete with a visit to these areas.
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Top tourist spots in Pandua

  1. Qutb Shahi Masjid – Sikander Shah built this Muslim prayer house in 1369. The entire mosque has been carved out of basalt rocks. Get to know more about your trip to this place from the internet by searching for the keywords “Malda tour timings.”
  2. Eklakhi Mausoleum – One of the most important architectural sites in the area is the Eklakhi Mausoleum. The exciting story behind the construction of this mausoleum is that the ruler who is buried here is actually of Hindu origin. Once the Muslim influence increased in the area, he changed his religion. A carving of Lord Ganesh still stands at the gateway.

Featured Photo by Smeet Chowdhury

Gaur Pandua In Bengal: Discovering The Hidden Relics

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