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Gandhi Gate – Saying An Untold Story

If you are in love with unraveling the hidden facts behind the historic monuments still present in India then here is something of great importance and interest waiting for your attention.

Gandhi Gate- Saying an Untold Story

Some people call it, hall gate, some call it clock towers and if not this then it is rightly said to be the Gandhi Gate for sure. No matter by what name you call it, the beauty and historical story behind it is not going to change anyhow. However, it’s a centuries-old gate, still, it attracts the attention of each and everyone who bypasses the Gandhi Gate road in India.

Located in the crowded yet big-hearted city, Amritsar, North India, Gandhi Gate is one of the biggest centers of attraction that you can get to witness here. After ‘Jaliawala bagh,’ ‘Golden Temple,’ and the iconic ‘Wagha border,’ it is hard to miss on Gandhi Gate that still screams out the truth of endless brutal deaths of Indians before independence.

Made with British architecture and designs, the basic purpose of building Gandhi gate or the iconic clock towers was to facilitate the commoners of those times with the clock facility, who could not afford a wrist or wall clock for their homes. In those colonial times, there were endless such towers on almost every city. Usually, in those times, rich or the British officers used to carry a hand watch kept in their pockets and for the middle class or poor people were all dependent on these clock towers.

The clock on the Gandhi Gate still runs appropriately. It was first installed in the year 1876. This clock was designed by John Gordon which, at present, is a huge and lavish looking gateway to a yet another small town of Amritsar, North India taking people to the widely popular Golden Temple.

This gate is hardly 1 Km away from the railway station which is one of the major reasons behind attracting huge attention of travelers from other states or countries. Recently, in the year 2008, the Government of Punjab changed the overall color of this iconic and historical gate into pink and then changed it into bright yellow color.

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Due to this, a high number of heritage guardians objected the Government of Punjab on ruining the historic beauty of Indian monuments. After a month-long discussion and objections and the entire case was winded up.    

The best time to visit Gandhi Gate is in the day between 12 P.M to 5 P.M, as during these hours you can easily get facilitated with quick transportation services within the city.

The bottom line-

This blog puts some light on the major incidents that happened on the historical Gandhi Gate and tells us about the construction of Gandhi Gate. In the history of India and those times when India was ruled by the British Government, this Gandhi Gate has been a great architectural masterpiece that still allures a lot of attention of travelers.

Featured Photo of ‘IMG_9733’ by Sriharsha under CC BY-SA 2.0

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