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Fort Kochi: A Place Of Jews

Fort Kochi is one of the amazing places in Kerala, the whole place is known for the existence of Jews although now only a few families of Jews are said to inhabit the place. The whole Fort Kochi has the greatest tourist attraction in Kerala. It is said that Vasco Da Gama died here during his 3rd visit to Fort Cochin.

Kodungaloor around 25 Km from Kochi was the trading town of spices, but a flood in the Periyar was a curse for the trade in the Kadungaloor but eventually, the trade of spices flourished in the very city of Fort Kochi. It was then Vasco Da Gama sailed to this area to set up their trading base of spices in Fort Kochi by taking the permission of king of Kochi. Although this place was then snatched by the Dutch from the Portuguese and then they descended it to the British. It is amazing to see the unique architecture in all those church, buildings and strange aura of Jews which still lingers in the place of Fort Kochi.

Jew Street is one of the must-visit places of Kerala. Jew Street, as its name suggests, is a hometown of Jews in Kerala. Jew town is the grounding place of the oldest Jews in India they were known as Malabar Jews or Cochin Jews. The basic specialty of the Jew of this place is that their roots go back to the time of Solomon.

The basic history behind this amazing Jew town is that when India got independence in 1947 most of the Jews migrated to Israel, although many Jew church, as well as synagogues, are still there representing their amazing unique architecture. The essence of the building at that time still exists in the place. Now sadly the population of the Jews in the place is only 9 people. There is only 2 or 3 Jew family in the Jew town.

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The Jew town in Mattancherry is very famous for its old antique shops, ranging from old jewelers to clocks, telephones, and many other things. The whole market is covered with spice shops, museums, amazing cafes, carved furniture.

Top Things To Do At Fort Kochi

fort cochin photo
Chinese Fishing Nets of Kochi, Kerala by juliamaudlin under CC BY 2.0

1. Pardesi Synagogue

It is the oldest synagogue of Jews that is still visited by many tourists all around. There were total 7 synagogues most among them is in ruins but this Pardesi synagogue is very famous which around 400 years old is. The synagogue has teak chest carvings, different flooring of porcelain.

2. Vaarpu

Vaarpu is the Malayalam synonym for a bronze vessel; it is the major attraction for the entire tour in the Fort Kochi. This bronze vessel or Vaarpu is 3 meters in diameter and the oldest bronze vessels of the town.

3. Jew Street

Jew Street is very famous for its antique shops, jewelers, spice boxes, old cafes, carved wooden furniture, and mirrors. Wandering the narrow by lanes witnessing the amazing architecture of some of Jew buildings, and looking at the antique objects is something that one cannot miss.

4. Jewish cemetery

The Jewish cemetery is one of the oldest cemetery having tombs engraved in both Malayalam in Hebrew. It is one of the places that are visited by the tourists. It is at one end of the Jew Street.

5. Cafes and restaurants

There are amazing cafes as well as restaurants in Fort Kochi famous for their seafood, if you are a seafood lover you can come to this place and every penny of your money would be worth the seafood you are eating in the restaurants.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Fort Kochi is during Christmas although the place is fully crowded, the whole Fort Kochi is illuminated with lights, the whole week of Christmas various processions as well as street plays, musical shows, musical bands, dance performance is conducted at the place.

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Strolling around in Fort Kochi is one of the amazing experiences to have in Kerala. The place will satisfy all the antique lovers and shopaholics, the place also has some of the amazing cafes and strolling around the narrow lanes, having your dinners facing the seaside restaurants, enjoying the chilled breeze is fabulous. Hence if one wants to escape to calm and serene environment combined with the unique architecture then the Fort Kochi is an amazing place to visit while in Kerala.

Featured Photo: Fishing by Noemí Galera under CC BY 2.0



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