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6967872231 36203e8fb3 Food Truck

The food truck is very common in America and is slowly growing in the heart of Kolkata. Food trucks are large vans where one can cook and sell food items. The mobile food van Kolkata can be moved from one place to another. The food trucks are very helpful for the people who are on their way to work on an empty stomach. People can easily get their favorite food items from these vans even in areas where shops are not present.

So, the food truck Kolkata will not only kill your hunger but will also serve you quality food in your locality. You need to know how to get the food truck license in Kolkata if you are interested in this kind of investment as well.

Food trucks in promotion

Sometimes food trucks are used by new restaurants or shops to promote their goods and foods. These food trucks can reach people very easily as they travel door to door. Thus with the help of these mobile food van Kolkata many companies and brands can promote their new arrivals.

Places where food trucks are found

Food trucks are found in Park Street areas, in the Southern Avenue, Salt Lake, Dalhousie and even in New Market areas. People have their own choice of food in these wheeled kitchens. This unique street food concept is quite trendy, and it serves you with a high-quality, tasty food even in the main roads of Kolkata.

Food truckPhoto by shankar s.

Foods available in food trucks

Food trucks serve us American or Italian or Chinese or even Indian foods. Along with fast foods, you can get rice, baby corn or chicken items. These mobile food truck Kolkata also satisfy one with different fruit juices along with course items.

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Some famous food trucks in Kolkata

The most popular food trucks are TFT (THAT FOOD TRUCK), Agdum Bagdum, Namaste Café, Hungry Hands, etc. The Agdum Bagdum is located at Ekdalia Park. Hungry Hands are found in front of Lake Mall. These food trucks help us experience good food in streets.

Food Trucks License In Kolkata

In order to undertake the business of this mobile food truck Kolkata, you will need some permits and food licenses. The most important food truck license is the food business operating license. The food safety and standards authority of India can issue this license. Once you get the license, you are then permitted to run the mobile food van Kolkata. You need to have this food truck license in Kolkata in the legal and official way to start the business.

Food truckPhoto by majunznk

Reasons behind the popularity of the food truck in kolkata

In the recent few years, this opening of mobile food vans in Kolkata has rapidly increased. In spite of being a late bloomer, Kolkata has quickly increased the market of food truck business. The food trucks have a cheaper price of food along with fast service and healthy food. Food trucks need fewer staffs and are easily maintained and operated.

This food truck is so demanding because of its trendy appearance, cheap and mobility as well. One does not have to invest a huge amount of capital in constructing or decorating of a restaurant. He can just buy a truck, set up the kitchen in it and fully invest his capital in making food tastier.

Food truck expands existing business

The mobile van in Kolkata is a great mean to spread the existing business, by traveling all around the city and letting people taste the food. In this way, people will get to know about a restaurant, and that restaurant’s sell will kiss the sky.

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Hence, the above points give us an idea of what a food truck exactly means. If you are a foodie and have the great interest in tasting various food items, then food trucks in Kolkata are just the one for you. Get varieties of food items just in your doorsteps. With a food truck license in Kolkata, one can easily start this food truck business. So, food trucks are like dreams come true in Kolkata.

Featured Photo bylauranazimiec

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