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Folk dances of Uttar Pradesh

In Uttar Pradesh, dance is an integral part of their life. One may see the enthusiasm of people in the performances around these Indian Dance forms. Dance originated in India in the courts of Nawabs.

Uttar Pradesh folk dances exhibit rich cultural legacy. Dance dramas referring the mythic stories of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama reflects true Indian cultural spirit. Here’s a look at some of the major folk dances of UttarPradesh.


Originating from the Braj region of UP, its often referred to as Braj Raslila. In this dance, the story spins around Lord Krishna’s polite and amiable babyhood and his companionship with Radha.


Ramlila covers stories of Ram’s conquest over Ravana. This specific dance form portrays the story of the banishment of Lord Rama from Ayodhya. The stories relate to Ram and Sita, his wife.


Khyal is known based on its style which hails from a particular city. Some standard Khyals are the Abhinaya Khyal, Jaipuri Khyal, Ali baksh Khyal and Gadhaspa Khyal.

Khyals have prayer, and includes dholak, harmonium and cymbals.

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Nautanki are acts which includes drama or skits including dance drama on the streets of Uttar Pradesh & Bihar.

Other folk dance forms of Uttar Pradesh are Naqaal, Swang, Charkula Dance and Dadra.

Featured Photo by ZeePack

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