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India is an amazing country which is full of amazing objects and artefacts. Well this is well proven with the presence of some of the most amazing floating wonders which adds to the astonishment and well as admiration for the country. Today we shall discuss some of India’s most amazing floating wonders which have helped the travel and tourism industry to flourish hugely. Come with me and look at these gorgeous floating beauties in India. These are worth to experience at least once in your lifetime.

6 Most Amazing Floating Wonders In India

Floating Post Office photoPhoto by Mike Prince

1. Floating Post Office – Dal Lake, Kashmir

India has the largest number of post offices in the world, do you know this fact? I am sure you do, but do you know that there is also a floating post office in India? The Dal lake is one of the major attractions in Srinagar. Apart from being known for its enchanting natural beauty, there is one more jewel that shines out on its crown and that is India’s first floating post office! It’s quite surprising to see how our government is so prompt about giving postal services to the people of Srinagar. This post office is used by more than seven thousand people every year and it still stands strong.

stone photoPhoto by Marufish

2. Levitating Stone – Shivapur

Shivapur is a small town located near Pune; this little town is home to a levitating stone which is believed to be lifted up in the air by Sufi Saint Qamar Ali’s spirit. One interesting fact about his levitating stone is that 11 people together touch their fingers to the stone and scream out loud the name – “Qamar Ali Darvesh”; the stone would fly up in the air. Weighing around 200 kilogram this huge levitating stone is full of mysterious stories. However the claim is not yet scientifically proven. I would leave on you to decide if the legend of this levitating stone is freaky or fantastic.

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Poovar Island Resort photoPhoto by { pranav }

3. Poovar Island Resort – Kerala

Far from the hustle bustle of city life is this hotel which will give you an experience of a lifetime. If you are looking at a place to stay peacefully with some luxury too then the Poovar Island Resort is the place to be. Enveloped in serene backwaters of Kerala, edged by the Arabian Sea on the East and the royal towering Ghats on the West, opening out to the ocean is the Poovar Island Resort. Awesome coconut palms, golden sands, emerald backwaters, crimson sunsets and lush green vegetation all together create a magical ambience. This resort is an ideal remote getaway location for a perfect quiet holiday amidst spectacular natural surroundings.

Rameshwaram photoPhoto by flickrPrince

4. Floating Rocks Of Ram Setu – Rameshwaram

I hope you know the story of Ramayana well enough, well according to the epic Ramayana; Lord Rama had to walk to Lanka on the Ram Setu which was a floating bridge. The bridge is practically no more but the remains are still there floating strongly. Yes the Floating rocks which are found in the Hanuman Temple of Rameshwaram.

Loktak Lake photoPhoto by dodonamaram

5. Loktak Lake – Manipur

Located in Manipur is the Loktak Lake – World’s Largest Floating Lake. The real beauty of this lake is the vastness and the floating gardens. India is full of beautiful wonders and the Loktak lake is one of them, this is one of the largest freshwater lake in the state of Manipur, India. It is also called the world’s only Floating Lake, this is due to the large amount of floating phumdis on its surface. This beautiful, breath-taking Lake is very popular for being one of those water bodies which has floating islands.

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Alleppey photoPhoto by ReflectedSerendipity

6. Emarald Pristine Island – Alleppey

The Emarald Pristine Island is a great place to actually get lost. Located on a piece of island in between the lake this exotic resort will give you an amazing experience. The whispering sounds of the winds, giggles of the water, amidst beautiful scenic view together will add a lot to your gratifying experience. This resort is an ideal destination to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate oneself.

Isn’t India totally amazing? It truly is. I am sure these floating wonders in India will blow your mind off. Do you have anything special to share with us? Please share it below as comments.

Featured Photo by { pranav }

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