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Dal Lake as we know if one of the most beautiful places to see in Srinagar. It truly is one of the most beautiful creations of God. I feel this one lake is truly amiable and one of the most prominent aspects of Srinagar. Apart from being so renowned for its mesmerizing beauty, there is one more feature that adds more to the popularity of the Dal Lake; i.e. The Floating Market. This sounds interesting, isn’t it? Let’s know what this floating market is all about.

Dal Lake’s Floating Vegetable And Flowers Market

Dal Lake Market photoPhoto by Fulvio’s photos

The Floating market is located within the iconic Dal Lake in Srinagar. This market is from where the population of Kashmiris living within the lake actually buy their daily requirements of fruit and vegetables. We all know that the Dal Lake is immensely popular for its natural mesmerizing beauty and the houseboats. But this floating market is totally indispensable for normal life to function in this lake.

A look at the lake and you would feel as if end number of little islands were floating on the lake for real. People living here actually live a life which is totally mobile, in fact the mobility factor would actually surpass your imaginations. Dal Lake has everything that you can imagine off on it. Yes, be it restaurants or shops, you can find everything right on it. And this floating market is one such living example.

The Floating vegetable and fruits market takes place every day around two to three kilometers inside the lake. This s a perfect place if you want to witness how normal life for local Kashmiris goes on. Apart from that this is an absolutely perfect place for some good photography.

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The Daily Floating Market And Its High Importance

Dal Lake Market photoPhoto by nevil zaveri ( thank you for 10 million+ views : )

Life in the waters would be good, but along with that, it would also bring in associated challenges. Think about how these people living in the Dal lake live their daily lives, shopping for daily supplies, schooling for the children. I feel earning a daily living would be immensely challenging for everyone living centered around the water.

The daily floating market holds very high importance for the local Kashmiri’s. This is a kind of wholesale market where both big and small shopkeepers trade on floating boat-shops. They directly buy their goods (vegetables and fruits) from vegetable growers. Once they are done with the shopping; off they go on their mobile boat-shops to sell it to the surrounding houseboats and nearby small villages. Most of the vegetables and fruits sold by these sellers are around the Dal Lake itself.

These floating vegetable vendors over the time have become a popular tourist attraction. Apart from being so popular, their sales and annual turnover are also noteworthy. As I already mentioned since there are no permanent placed to shop on this lake, the floating market holds very high importance.

Photographers Paradise

Well, entire Srinagar is a paradise for the photographers, and so is this floating market. What makes this place a perfect paradise for the photographers is the morning light. Yes, the morning light makes the colorful veggies, fruits and flowers look even more lovely. And it becomes, even more, picture perfect when they are stacked on beautiful boat-shops. According to me, this is one of the most natural and picture perfect moments to capture.

Right Time To Hit The Floating Market

Note that the floating market starts every day very early in the morning. So, to witness the real beauty of this market hit as early as 5 AM in the morning. Yes, that pretty early, but you have to trust me that it’s all the worth. The market is in full hustle bustle mode that time, hence it is the perfect time for you to click some good shots.

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Don’t forget to Click beautiful birds while returning

Once you visit the market and you are on your way back, make sure that you still keep your cameras prepared. This is because that is the moment when the sun is up and there are end number of beautiful birds flying around. There would be ample of opportunities for the bird lovers to capture some of the most beautiful birds in their lenses. If you are lucky enough you could find some of them fairly close to the boats. During the winters, many migratory birds have also started flocking around this lake.

The floating market in Srinagar is one of its kind in India, well there is one more in Vietnam. Isn’t this interesting? Do visit this place on your visit to Kashmir, because your trip cannot be complete without being here.

Have you been to the floating market? Do you have any interesting thing to share with us? Go ahead and drop it as comments below.

Featured Photo by Dr PS Sahana * Kadamtala Howrah

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The Floating Market On Dal Lake, Srinagar

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