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If we talk logically, then not all Indians can really afford a lavish international vacations, isn’t it? Well this little fact even disappoints many of us to be true, but is going abroad the only way to have that perfect vacation you have always been dreaming of? No trust me it is not. Today we are talking about vacation on the beaches, and just to bring into your notice that it’s just not Australia, Thailand and Bali who have extraordinary beaches, but even India. Yes, friends our country has some of the most mesmerising beaches which are compared at the International level. In fact, if you don’t know three beaches from our beautiful country have made their place among the top 10 beaches in Asia, the survey was conducted by a travel website known as Trip Advisor. The Agonda beach and the Palolem beach from Goa are the 2 beaches among those three winning beaches from India, while the Radhanagar Beach (Andamans) is the 3rd one.

I feel when we talk about beaches, Goa does deserve a mention as no write-up about beaches can ever be complete without mentioning about Goa isn’t it? It’s a paradise for beautiful beaches which will surely leave you spell bound.

Goa A Paradise Of Beautiful Beaches

Goa has a number of spectacular beaches with a coastline area of 103 kilometres. The beauty of these beaches are totally beyond the imagination of any individual. It is believed that Goa was a former Portuguese land. A land where one can find a number of amazing picturesque beaches. There are a number of reasons which make Goa a perfect place for a relaxing vacation, be it partying, trying out something really adventurous, relaxing by the beach or spend some time in a really isolated piece of land near a bustling leave. Goa has everything to make your vacation just too perfect.

Check Out Five Extraordinary Beaches Of Goa

1. Baga Beach

Baga Beach Goa photoPhoto by toufeeq

For all those who love just love to enjoy night life to the fullest and love beach parties, then Baga Beach is calling you. Hurry! Pack your bags with some really cool beach party wear and head straight to this beautiful and lively beach. Baga Beach is the best place for all those party animals and has just everything that one will ever look for to enjoy. Baga Beach offers lots and lots of shacks near the beach and one of the best thing that one needs to check out is the amazing seafood. Apart from parties and delicious sea food, people can enjoy a variety of water sports activities around the beach. Wind Surfing and Dolphin cruises are very popular activities at the Baga Beach.

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2. Agonda Beach

Agonda Beach photoPhoto by Aleksandr Zykov

I have already mentioned a little about this beach in the introduction. Yes, the Agonda Beach in Goa is among the top 10 beaches in Asia, isn’t this amazing? What makes this beach truly awesome is the calm and beautiful surroundings near the beaches, clean blue water of the beautiful sea. The best part about this beach is that it stays very less crowded, hence a perfect spot to relax away from the regular hustle and bustle of life. Agonda Beach is the perfect place to spend some real peaceful moments, read your favourite novel or even try some meditation. Dolphin Spotting is another popular activity which has been attracting many tourists to the Agonda Beach.

3. Mandrem Beach

Mandrem Beach photoPhoto by Paul Mannix

Located in the North Part of Goa, the Mandrem Beach is one of the most popular beach in Goa. Apart from being immensely famous in India it has also gained a lot of popularity with the international tourist. Mandrem Beach is a popular place for couples who are looking to spend some quality time with each other. A place which offers some private place as its quite isolated, this is one reason many love birds come flying to the Mandrem Beach. There is a small village located near the beach, so do make some time to visit it. And to add further the local food at the Mandrem Beach is a must try.

4. Cavelossim Beach

goa beach photoPhoto by R. S.

Most of the tourist who visit Goa prefer to visit the most popular beaches in the city. I guess this is the main reason why the Cavelossim Beach remains untouched. This beach has very less visitors and stays less crowded. The Cavelossim Beach us the best place to go on a peaceful walk with your special someone. What makes the Cavelossim Beach even more awesome is the combination of the black hard rock and white sand. A perfect place to feel awesome and delightful.

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5. Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach photoPhoto by ojoswi

Located just next to the Baga Beach, the Candolim Beach is one of the most visited beaches in Goa. This beach is visited not only by Indian tourist but even tourist from across the globe. Especially during season time, this beach stays immensely crowded. The Candolim Beach offers picturesque beauty which will surely leave you speechless, I guess this is one reason why it attracts so many tourists. Another fact that makes the Candolim Beach so popular is that it was actually the first village which during the 16th century converted to Christianity.

The real beauty of Goa cannot really be expressed in words. So GO GOA! And experience the beauty for real. You too will fall in love with these beautiful beaches of Goa like most of those who went there did.

Featured Photo by dennis

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