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Almost every one of us enjoys lying down on the grass facing towards the sparkling stars and cherish the beauty of the cosmic space above us. But because of the city pollution we are living in, now days, it has become almost impossible to look at a with full of sparkling stars. We rarely get a time and opportunity to relax and just spent hours by looking and gazing at the starts. But, there is good news for all those who really want to spend their time at star gazing amidst the city pollution and all the noise. There is a star gazing heaven waiting for all of you, which is also India’s very first Resort that offers star gazing and also offers an incredible experience of starts, sky, sun and beyond.

So, get away from your dull and boring life of this concrete jungle and head to Astroport Sariska to cherish almost every sky and astronomy lover’s dream. The resort gives you the feeling of camping beneath the bright stars and helps you to spend a relax time under the blanket of sky and stars away from all the hustle bustle of city life. Located at a distance of around 5 km from the famous Tiger reserve, Sariska National Park, Astroport resort offers an astonishing view of the stars and sky at night.

India’s first Astro resort called as Astroport is located close to the Aravali Ranges in district Alwar of Rajasthan state,  approximately 3 hours far from Jaipur and around 5 hour away from Delhi. Since, Sariska is also known as the second darkest place in India, thus it offers a stunning sight of the shining sky during night time. The place is also a heaven for nature and sky photographers as it is perfect location for a night time shooting. Located near the Aravalli mountain Ranges of district Alwar in Rajasthan, the India’s first Astronomy based resort is just  and 5 hour far from Delhi.

Having a backdrop of stunning Aravali ranges in District Alwar of Rajasthan, Astroport Resort was once used as the hunting ground of the Alwar dynasty. During 1970’s, it became home for the rare species of Bengal tigers; however,  now it has become the first astronomy based resort not only in India but in overall South Asia who aims to give glimpses of the cosmic world to the urban travelers of today’s era. Astroport Sariska offers a glorious exposure to an incredible sky with full of stars, an intact setting above us and a pleasing biota. The place offers some of the amazing views of the galaxy and it is a paradise for astronomy lovers and nature enthusiasts.


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1. Star Gazing– The main attraction here is watching the sky at evening and night and it is one of that best places in India to look at the sparkling stars with the darkest colour of sky. The view of nights turning into dark black which makes the stars to shine even more brighter and the Milky Way flashing through the night sky, is simply jaw-dropping. The best time to see galaxy in all its magnificence is from September to May, since the cloud cover is small and the view is just stunning.

Different kinds of astronomy related educational programs are also conducted here like, observing and learning about zodiac collections, using stars to find correct directions, taking photographs of the sky during night, etc. To learn more about the stars, the resort also conducts various astronomy camps by using modern telescopes and other astronomy related tools for all the age groups.

Sariska tiger photo2. Tiger Reserve – The Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is a major attraction of the whole region which was established in 1955. This dense forest in the Alwar region protects many tigers in their natural habitat and adventure loving travelers must see this as it is the best place of the state.

Jungle and wildlife safari at Sariska is one must and should thing to do in Sariska. An adventure lover can spend a marvelous time seeing the Indian tigers in their natural habitats along with leopards, hyenas, deer and many more wild animals.

Bhangarh Fort photo3. Bhangarh Fort – The Bhangarh Fort is one of the famous and well-known tourist attraction in India and is situated in mighty the Aravali ranges of Rajasthan in Alwar district. The fort shares its border with the Sariska Reserve and is located at the foot hills on sloping ground. The fort is adorned beautifully with the trees and encircles the pool area. The setting of natural stream falls into the pond which is located inside the palace premises is heart catching. The Bhangarh Fort is also known for the rich history and notable paranormal incidents.

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Sariska tiger photo4. Bird Watching – Multiple rare species of migratory birds like white-throat kingfisher, serpent eagle and golden-backed woodpecker visits this site every year. One can observe these rare bird species and can participate into various nature treks.

5. Visit Organic Farms

Entire food supplied to the resort is farmed organically. The resort also conducts various educational programs about sustainability. If the park is open, one can enjoy the park safari to explore the diversity if flora and fauna in the park and can also visit the organic farms. There are also chances of getting some glimpses of rare endemic species of the Bengal tiger, four-horned antelope, striped hyena, Nilgai, etc.

Even in the months of monsoon, one can involve in the various adventurous activities at the resort like cycling near the region, nature walks, solar walk and knowledgeable ayurveda sessions.

6. Other activities : One can engage themselves in rock climbing, jungle safaris, nearby village tour and energetic yoga and aerobics classes offered in nearby locations.

How to Reach : To see the attractive spots of Sariska and surrounding region is not difficult as the place is well connected to Jaipur and even Delhi.

By Air: Sariska doesn’t have its own airport so the nearest airport is Jaipur. One can get a taxi to reach to Sariska.

By Rail: Nearest railway station is at Alwar which is 36 km from Sariska away from Sariska and can then drive or take a taxi to Sariska.

By Road: Sariska is well connected by the bus network in Rajasthan.

When to Visit :

Visiting Sariska will be a pleasing experience throughout the year and people who love to see the alluring nature attractions along with tigers in their natural habitat must pack their bags and start exploring the region.

To have a fabulous experience in a pleasant environment, travelers can pack their things for a holiday in between September till March as the environment will be chilly and sightseeing will be a better experience.

Photo by Shahnawaz Sid

Photo by NavNirvana

Photo by arunkumud

Astroport Sariska – First Astronomy Based Resort Of India

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