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The dazzling and lively city of Hyderabad is the heart of Information Technology and development. By way of several seeking to relax and wind down by the weekends, we have piled up the list of the greatest waterfalls near Hyderabad to chilly and spurt the city madness!

Ethipothala Falls

Waterfalls near Hyderabad photoPhotos by abhinaba,

The Ethipothala Falls is recognized to be the one among the best stunning waterfalls near Hyderabad at River Chandra Vanka. The falls are situated in the attractive area enclosed by greenery over all the sides. And it is easily possible to climb down for getting close to the falls.

Distance: Close to Nagarjuna Sagar, In Guntur district, about 14 Kms from the Nagarjuna Sagar and 176 Kms from Hyderabad.

Good season to visit: Ethipothala Falls must be explored immediately once after the monsoons, Good months to visit are the month of February and July.

Places to visit around Ethipothala Falls: Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, Ranganatha Temple, Crocodile Breeding Centre, Dattatreya Temple, Anupu, and Macherla.

Mallela Theertham Waterfalls

Mallela-Theertham-WaterfallsPhotos by Zigg-E,

The Mallela Theertham is the charming waterfall at the Krishna River. At the time of monsoon, rainwater will not percolate since the presence of volcanic rocks and usually run off mountain towards the River Gundlakamma that is the biggest river to originate from the mountains.

Distance: Situated in the dense Nallamala forest, nearly 58 Km from Srisailam and 1abount 85 km from Hyderabad.

Good season to visit: From the Month of October till March

Places to visit around Mallela Theertham Falls: Sakshi Ganapathi Temple, Mallikarjuna Temple, and Patalaganga Dam, Paladhara and Panchadhara.

Pochera Falls

Pochera Falls

The water is said to fall through the stony bed by the numerous steps to lastly descend towards the great pool from the height of above 40 feet by 2 steps. You can move down to the picturesque waterfall near Hyderabad.

Distance: About 257 km from Hyderabad.

Good season to visit: During the time of Monsoons and post-monsoons are the greatest seasons to discover. That would be from the month of July until December.

Places to visit around Pochera Falls: Nirmal, Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary, Basar Saraswati Temple, Suvarnapuri and Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Tips: It is always not recommended to get down to bottom of the falls at the time of peak monsoons. The Pochera Falls is nearby to Kuntala Falls (that is about 22 Kms).

Kuntala Falls

Kuntala-WaterfallsPhotos by abhinaba,

The Kuntala waterfalls flow down over the two steps and could be observed at the two separate adjoining falls once after the peak rains. It is one among the popular one-day holiday outing from the Hyderabad. The humble breeze and the garden-fresh scent of the Source: flora and fauna at the air are truly the exciting experiences.

Distance: Nearby railway station is in Adilabad that is about 57 km from the Kuntala waterfall and the closest airport would be Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad that is 280 km.

Good season to visit: During the months of July, August and September while there are rains.

Talakona Waterfalls

Talakona Waterfalls photo

Photos by VinothChandar

The waterfalls are located among the dense forest enclosed by the Mother Nature beauty and greenery. It is supposed which the water of Talakona Falls is enhanced with herbs by healing powers. The National Park holds the primary area that is the biosphere confirmed at the year of 1989 and the waterfall is bounded through the dense jungle in addition to the wildlife at the Park is very amusing and sundry.

Distance: The Talakona Waterfalls is about 49 km from the Pileru and nearly 58 km from the holy town of Tirupathi.

Good season to visit: From the month of September till January

Places to visit around Talakona Falls: Tirumala Temple, Sri Siddeshwara Swamy Temple, Tumbhuru Theeretham, Sri Kalahasti, Deer Park, also TTD Garden.

Kapila Theertham

Kapila-TheerthamPhotos by abhinaba,

Kapila Theertham is the ultimate and unique waterfall is next to the temple devoted to Lord Shiva. Being the pilgrim site, the waterfall gets a lot of tourists all over the year. This falls is nearly are not to miss out destination when you travel around Hyderabad.

Distance: The waterfall is situated almost 1 km from the Alippiri and roughly 4 to 5 km from the holy place of Tirupathi railway station also the bus station.

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Good season to visit: The best season to explore this destination is from the month of November to February.

Places to visit around Kapila Theertham Falls: Parasareswara temple, Gudimallam Parashurameshwara Temple, the famous Sri Kalahashteeswara Temple, Thiruchannoor Padmavathi Temple, and the Dakshineswara Temple.

Tadimada Waterfalls


Having the height of about 100 feet, the Tadimada falls offers the excellent view during the monsoon season. The finest way to reach out these waterfalls is through the trekking by Anantagiri.

Distance: It is about 30km from Araku, also 3km from Anantagiri village and nearly 645 km from Hyderabad.

Good season to visit: Plan your trip during the months of July to September

Tips: SUVs are ideal by the way towards the falls. It is sensible to march to these falls from the Anantagiri-Araku main road (for around 1-2 Kms) that takes almost 20 minutes.

Kaitiki Waterfalls

Katiki-Waterfalls2Photos by VinothChandar

The Katiki waterfall is situated by the Gosthani River. The name of the waterfalls is said to be derived from the name of the nearest village. It is surrounded by way of the utmost pristine waterfalls nearby Hyderabad.

Distance: Choosing the ride from Borra Caves towards the waterfalls is would be around 7 km stretch of the rough road. You can pick up any jeeps which take visitors to the destination one kilometer short of the waterfall. To attain the waterfall, tourist would have to make it by their foot.

Good season to visit: The best time to explore this kaitiki waterfall would be from the month of August until December.

Places to visit around Kaitiki Waterfalls: Araku Tribal Museum, Borra caves, Tyda Park, Matsyagundam and Padmapuram Botanical Gardens.

Then why wait to plan your next holiday towards this gorgeous waterfalls near Hyderabad. Planning according that you would not miss out to explore all the waterfalls. We promise that for sure you will suggest your friends about these destination or plan visit once again.

Featured Image Photo by Zigg-E

Feeling The Love Of Nature: Gorgeous Waterfalls Near Hyderabad

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