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Andhra Pradesh attires are well celebrated for their cotton and silk fabrics. Andhra Pradesh is the country which established the skill of dying, weaving also printing through the ancient times. Over 3000 years ago this is the only country that developed the methods of weaving. Attires of Andhra Pradesh like ikkat, Mangalgiri, Dharmavaram, Gadwal create the best dazzling and traditional saris materials which are worn by all females of Andhra Pradesh together fashioned with ornaments made of precious gold, stunning pearls, and marvelous diamonds.

Named for its best handloom that state of its Andhra Pradesh offers a wide range of elite saris also dress-fabrics fashioned complexly through delicacy. This state is famed for its cotton and silk saris of Venkatagiri, Pochampalli, Dharmavaram, Narayanpet and Gadwal. The weaving designs of each and every sari will be distinct at the same time elaborate by the complicated work on the pallus and borders through the decorative gold thread.

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The Traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh for women is Sari and blouse and for the men is Dhoti and Kurta. The common dress would be Saris but some Muslim women prefer to wear Salwar Kameez with Dupatta and when coming to Muslim men they like to wear pyjamas along with their Fez cap. Tribes like Banjara, Sugalis and Lambadi will opt for their own style of tribe dresses and that costume will be mostly appropriate for their geographic climate and conditions.

Women Attires of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra women will usually prefer classic handloom saris for wearing which are gorgeous in texture plus colors. The wide-reaching reputation of their production would involve Kanchi, Mangalagiri, Chirala, Venkatagiri and Dharmavaram.

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The Gadwal saris have its unique weaving style. The entire body of its sari is made of cotton where the border and Pallu are made with silk. The cotton fabric and silk are woven distinctly and finally both are attached. Pink, beige, parrot green, and yellow are the usual colors embedded.

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Narayanpet sarees is completed by cotton and silk those are woven by dark simple colors. But, the border will be kept in deep maroon often else chocolate red finely detached by white otherwise colored strokes. These saris are beautifully amalgamated of colors then earthiness creating them extra attractive.

Pochampalli` material is finished through by means of the tie as well as dye method of their yarn like to Bandhani but distinct from that. The symmetrical designs, exclusive to Pochampally fabrics is created by altered colors of yarn.

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Ikat saris are very famous in the Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh. The system of styling these saris is exceptional and tremendously popular. The styles and designs are geometric then intellectual also numerous colors is used to create these saris imaginative, gorgeous and attractive.

Venkatagiri saris are woven in cotton then silk through pure silver zari in addition to brocade designs on the border side. The elegant straining of gold will be seen all around the sari. Saris are made with pleasant colors having golden dots in it, leaves, bird-like parrots otherwise modest symmetrical styles.

Dharmavaram` saris are interlaced by a humble plain margins which is not much contrast.The borders are generally extensive through brocaded golden patterns otherwise butta. Also, these saris are woven with tussar silk.

Also now in the urban area, the females are changing themselves to the current trends. Depending on their society and working in International offices they have changed themselves to the fashionable dresses. Classy women will wear Salwar Kameez or else trousers in working areas to make them comfortable in the community.

Attires of Andhra Pradesh Tribes

Lambadies are the tribal people who live in Andhra Pradesh. The costume is usually colorful and attracts others. Costume of them is the traditional folk dress. Their dresses are traditional folk dresses. The females wear stunning colorful and hefty garments, having a lot of mirrors then beads embossed on it. Blue, red and orange the colors used in their dresses.

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