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Did you ever marvel about somewhat that is uncommon? India is the best amazing nation in the Universe. Both population as well as land India is the large country. Hence, that is why these mind blowing facts are not recognized much. Let’s look into some curious facts about India and incredible achievements of India. These facts about India are only a few that you would not have heard about but India has the lot and lots of incredible achievement and Indian people too that cannot be listed out.

The Floating Post Office

 Floating Post Office photoPhotos by Mike Prince,

India is the world largest postal network of around 1, 55,015 post offices. On an average, a single post office will attend a population of 7,175 people. Have you heard about the floating post office that is located in Srinagar?

The letters which are posted through this post office have images of Dal Lake then Srinagar city to endorse the Kashmir country to be the tourist destination. In August 2011 the post office was inaugurated by Omar Abdullah and Sachin Pilot.

The Indian National Kabaddi Team won all the World Cups



Kabbadi is said to be the old sport and Traditional sports that are held in India. Indians Kabbadi players are proud that till this date Indians have won all six world cups. Even the women’s team also has been unbeaten all over their matches.

Science day in Switzerland is dedicated to APJ Abdul Kalam

Abdul Kalam photoPhotos by DW WORKSTUDIO,

On the Month of May 2006, 26 the great Indian scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam as visited Switzerland. Upon his coming Switzerland declared that day to be the Science day. This gave a countless tribute and gesture for the supreme Scientist, who is called to be the “Missile Man of India”.

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The village with no doors



In Maharashtra, there is a village called Shani Shingnapur which is the most incredible of all. At the time when you to travel to this village, you might be surprised to note that there will be no doors in the houses and shops except the door frames. Till the year 2010, there was no theft has been stated. Till date, there is no door or locks in the village because it is due to the fear they have on Lord Shani.

First Diamond Mining stood in India

Diamond  photo

In the 18th century, the Brazil was one country which found a diamond, until that India was the first and the only count which produced a diamond. The diamond was found in the region of Krishna and Guntur that is nearby the Krishna River delta.

Sugar First Used up in India

Sugar photoPhotos by Moyan_Brenn,

India was the first country to make use of the sugar. Initially, Indian people started consuming it; they were the one to develop the extraction and refining methods of sugar. Far head they taught this purifying as well as cultivation of sugar method to many other countries.

Wettest habitation in the world


There is a village in the Khasi Hills, at is located at Meghalaya called the “Mawsynram” which is said the wettest place among the entire region in the world. Among all the places in the world this village ranks the highest average rainfall. Cherrapunji, is also a portion from Meghalaya, clamps the rank for the greatest rainfall that was in the calendar year of 1861.

Kumbh Mela evident from space

Kumbh Mela

Among all the facts these facts about Indis is a really incredible thing that happened in India. The 2011 Kumbh Mela that was held in Allahabad holds the largest gathering in the world. That was around 75 million people crowd which was very much visible from space.

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