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Explore The Immense Benefits Of Tulsi Tea

Tulsi or holy basil is an auspicious plant in India, worshipped by many as a reflection of the Lord almighty. Almost all Indian households prefer to maintain a tulsi plant bed as a symbol of prosperity and goodwill. Additionally it is said to purify the air, beneficial for the human health. The leaves are consumed in different ways for reaping its’ amazing benefits within the human body. The popular among them are the tea prepared from the tulsi leaves.

What are the different types of Tulsi Tea?

Essentially, Tulsi Tea is prepared from the leaves of three key types of Tulsi plants. The Rama Tulsi with green coloured leaves and light purple flowers, spreading an aroma similar to the fragrance of cloves. Krishna Tulsi or Shyama Tulsi is the second variety with a peppery flavor and clove like aroma. Its leaves are purple coloured. The third type is Vana Tulsi whose leaves are bright green and imparts a lemon fragrance and flavor.

Though all the types can be used for preparing tea, the most effective one is the Krishna Tulsi followed by Rama and Vana Tulsi.

How to prepare Tulsi Tea?

Tulsi tea can be prepared at home easily. It is better to use the fresh tea leaves from your own kitchen garden. Else you can buy it from the local flower vendors and stalls. Wash the leaves properly and keep them aside. It is recommended to prepare Tulsi tea with ginger, cardamom pods and lemon juice for the added health benefits and the additional aroma. For the sweetened taste, it is advisable to use honey and not sugar.

First boil water in a pan sufficiently. Add the tulsi leaves chopped into smaller pieces for extracting its fragrance and the juice. Add chopped ginger and cardamom pods or powder to the mixture. Boil the mix for almost 10 minutes. Once done, turn off the heat and stain the tea. Add pinch of lemon juice and honey for the taste and serve it hot.

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Tulsi Tea can also be consumed cold. You can cool the tea by topping it with ice cubes. The iced tea would create a chilling effect inside, soothing your nerves and brain.

The Health benefits of Tulsi Tea

The immense benefits of Tulsi Tea has made it one of the preferred drink among many Indians. It has proved to be extremely beneficial for curing cold, cough and lung congestion. The immunity power of the body is enhanced, protecting against the harmful flu virus and other germs causing throat and lung ailments. It is advisable to drink atleast 2 cups of Tulsi tea if you are prone to cold allergies. It serves an excellent antiseptic.

People suffering from irregularities in blood sugar levels are advised to consume Tulsi tea. It helps in controlling the blood sugar levels to a great extent. The metabolism rate of the body increases, dissolving the fats and carbs and utilizing the blood sugar from generating energy within the human body.

The anti-microbial properties of Tulsi Tea helps in maintaining an oral hygiene. It prevents the attack of harmful bacteria and germs inside our mouth. Our mouth remains fresh and free of any foul smell. Our teeth and gums are well protected by the antiseptic properties of Tulsi tea.

Consuming Tulsi Tea prevents the occurrence of respiratory issues especially because of its excellent quality to boost body immunity and capability to expel out phlegm. This provides a relief to your body respiratory system and also prevents heart related illnesses.

Human body undergoes mental stress owning to the variation of a hormone called Cortisol. Tulsi Tea possesses the magical benefit of reducing the level of Cortisol thus reducing the chances of anxieties and mental illnesses. The body and mind stay free from tensions and worries, creating a relaxing and refreshing effect inside.

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How to preserve Tulsi leaves?

Maintaining and preserving a Tulsi plant in your kitchen garden is simple. You need to apply good organic fertilizer for proper growth. The plant should be kept in a place which receives the maximum sunlight and water it well to prevent the soil and roots from drying up. Tulsi plants can be regrown from the flowers. Pluck out the flowers to enable the plant to spread its stems and leaves. Spread the flowers on other soil beds for growing new seedlings.

In the absence of a garden you can buy Tulsi leaves from the local florists or street vendors. Preserve the leaves from drying by keeping them in a cool moist place. Use the leaves to prepare the tea.

Tulsi tea is an ideal way of boosting your health and ensure your body is refreshed throughout the day. It helps to create a protective cover around the body against harmful bacteria and germs. Tulsi aids people suffering from ortho related ailments, relieving them from pains. Its aroma is soothing and imparts a delicious flavor to the herbal tea. If you really want to improve your body immunity and stay healthy, Tulsi tea is the perfect solution for you. You can feel the difference once you inculcate the habit of consuming the tea daily. Health is wealth, a famous proverb which most of us are aware. Our happiness in professional and personal life largely depends on proper health. Hence it is very essential to maintain our body and prevent occurrence of any diseases and illnesses which results in deterioration. Tulsi tea will offer you a well packaged result if consumed diligently.

Featured Photo of ‘Bhustrna (Sanskrit: भुस्त्रैण)’ by Dinesh Valke under CC BY-SA 2.0


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