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If you are on a lookout for a beach that is seldom visited by tourists, then you can opt for visiting the Maravanthe Beach. The Maravanthe Beach is one of the major attractions in South India. If you want to ignite romanticism in your love life, then the Maravanthe Beach is a perfect place to do this activity. This beach has crystal clear waters and is rich in scenic beauty. It is located at a distance of 9 km from Karnataka. The Maravanthe Beach is unique as it is occupied by the Arabian Sea on the Western Sided and the Saurpanika River on the eastern portion.

You would find a lot of families enjoying their holiday in the Maravanthe Beach. But seldom will you find the Maravanthe Beach polluted. The credit goes to the local administration for taking care of the surroundings of the Maravanthe Beach. Besides enjoying the vast swathe of the Arabian Sea, you can also indulge in a lot of water sports that are guaranteed to make your time fruitful in this beach.

Maravanthe Beach photo

Photo by ashwin kumar

Maravanthe Beach is known as the paradise for peace loving people

The Maravanthe Beach is regarded as a virgin beach as it is one of the few beaches in India that has white sand. It is situated near Kollur and the Kodachadri Hills. The nearest national highway that connects this beach to Karnataka is the NH 17. It is one of those few beaches in India that has a serene environment and provides a lot of romantic getaways for couples. As a couple, you can also opt for several water sports and rest in the vast expanse of the white sands of the Maravanthe Beach. It is one of those beaches in India which possess the power to soothe your nerves. In other words, the Maravanthe Beach is the ideal place from where you can unwind your life. You can also visit the Padukone village that is located to the south of the Maravanthe Beach. It is a peaceful hamlet of the fishermen, and you can learn a lot of local cuisines and culture by interacting with them.

The Maravanthe Beach will never bore you as it has plenty in store to offer to you

Maravanthe Beach photo

Photo by Hari K Patibanda

Unlike other beaches in India where monotony is the crux word, the Maravanthe Beach promises never to bore you with its beauty. It’s like watching a Hollywood thriller. Every time you think that this is the end of the suspense, it always springs up with positive surprises. Maravanthe Beach is one of those wonderful beaches where despite enjoying and indulging in a lot of water sports, you would never feel that you had enough. The Maravanthe Beach is covered by natural flora thus giving an impression of peace and tranquility. In this context, it is worthwhile to mention that every person must witness the sunset from the Maravanthe Beach as it can impress even the saddest of moods.

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Moreover, if you have a natural liking towards photography, do not forget to bring your camera with you. It can be guaranteed that with the help of the camera, you can fruitfully spend your time without requiring any outside sources of entertainment like water sports. The Maravanthe Beach offers a wide variety of options and has something to offer for people with rich tastes. An individual can have a variety of choices from lying down on the white sand to enjoy water games in the waters. One can also select to swim, but it is recommended that one should be experienced enough to undertake this leisure activity.

The specialties of the Maravanthe Beach

There are numerous specialties of the Maravanthe Beach that makes it one of the best-rated beaches in India. The first and foremost specialty of the Maravanthe Beach is its power to suck out monotony from the soul of a person. If a mentally depressed person is brought along the shoreline of the Arabian Sea in the Maravanthe Beach, it can be guaranteed that the individual would heal in a very short period. Such is the gentle nature of the Maravanthe Beach that it takes seconds to uplift the mood of a person. So, if you are a couple looking forward to having a great time at the Maravanthe Beach you can just opt to view the expansive blue sea and the large swathe of the white sand.

Another interesting fact about the Maravanthe Beach is that several delicious cuisines can be found near it. It is a delightful prospect for those who want to pamper their tummies a bit. The Maravanthe Beach is one of the few beaches in India that is famous for its culinary delight. You can also find a lot of South Indian and North Indian dishes in the roadside stalls. The best time to visit the Maravanthe Beach is from September to December. It is so because it is a good time for swimming. Moreover, you can take a lot of sunscreen lotions with you to drastically reduce your tanning as the Maravanthe Beach is very prone to tan your skin.

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 How to reach Maravanthe Beach?

The nearest airport that is situated close to the Maravanthe Beach is the Mangalore Airport. It is at a distance of around 120 km. Hence, it is advisable that you book a cab to reach this breathtaking beach. Moreover, if you want to arrive at the Maravanthe Beach by road, you can drive from any major cities in Karnataka and take the NH 17. The railway station closest to the Maravanthe Beach is the Kundapur train station. It is only 18 km away, and hence it is quite practical for you to travel by train. The Maravanthe Beach has excellent connectivity to all the major cities of India, and hence it is quite popular among the tourists.

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Experience The Vast Swathe Of The Maravanthe Beach In Your Next Trip

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