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Experience Rajasthani Local Cultures Celebrated In Pushkar Camel Fair

The quaint little town of Pushkar’s local cultures hold as much prominence as its rare amalgamation of lake, hills, forests, and sand dunes. The town’s mazes of lanes and alleys, bazaars, and ghats a lot to let you discover its tranquility and magic. The Pushkar Camel Fair is just an example of the city’s wonderful culture. Locally referred to as Kartik Mela, it’s the annual livestock fair occurring in the town every year. If you’re planning a visit to Rajasthan, you shouldn’t miss out the Pushkar fair 2020.

Introducing the Pushkar Camel Fair

Being one of the country’s largest cattle fairs, Kartik Mela is a captivating festival that enlightens tourists with the local culture and vibrancy of the city. The main attraction of the fair is when the camels are witnessed converging on the desert. Besides, the festival is celebrated during the pilgrimage season for the Hindus who visit the Pushkar Lake to immerse into the tranquil and holy environment. Given the pleasant weather and cultural themes, the fair has become prominent for both national and international tourists. The camel fair also includes authentic local cultural events such as tug of water among women, tug of war among men, dances, and more. Other competitions include camel races, bridal competition, competition of who flaunts the longest moustache, and more.

Men also trade the livestock including sheep, goats, horses, cows, apart from camels. The rural families get involved in handicraft stalls with clothes, accessories, fabrics, and textiles. One who visits the fair will also be able to have a wonderful opportunity to witness m camel races too. People also get excited about the time when camels are tested to bring all the items! Men demonstrate the competition by going up on the camel group one after the other. Nothing unlike all the yesteryears, the Pushkar camel fair 2020 is set to appear with such exciting events.

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All that’s Historically Evident about its Celebration

The main purpose of organizing such a cultural festival was primarily to attract the local traders of camels and other cattle to do their business during Kartik Purnima’s holy time. That’s how the full moon day in the month of Kartik is celebrated in Pushkar. Starting in the month of Kartik, the fair comes to its end on Kartik Purnima every year. Attracting a whopping percentage of tourists, the Mela grabs attention of around 200,000 people. The fair has now become a prominent tourist attraction, with Rajasthan Tourism arranging the activities and programs of camel trading event.

Pushkar camel fair 2020 dates: What to Know

Depending on Georgian calendar, the fair is celebrated during the full moon day in the month of Kartik. While the camel events occur in the very first day, other cultural celebrations are hosted in the following days. The Pushkar camel fair 2020 dates are scheduled in the month of November. According to what has been known, the fair is set to occur between 22nd and 30th of November.

How to visit the fair?

The Ajmer station is most accessible one when it comes to visiting the Mela. Else, you can also get there via road trips. If you’re planning for traveling airborne, you have to reach Kishangarh. For foreigners, Pushkar fair 2020 can be better enjoyed when visited with an organized group. To avoid those exorbitant hotel prices, you can join a tour group because they get a special pricing benefit.

Now that you know everything about the fair, wait for November and visit there to witness a wide range of local customs and rituals. The 14-day long festival is surely to give you immense traveling pleasures.

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Featured Photo of ‘Pushkar Camel Fair’ by Ninara under CC BY 2.0

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