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Adventure Sports: Bringing thrill in life

Must your life be dulled by the mundane routine? Do you realize the fact that there is a stark difference between living and surviving? Kayaking, wave surfing, mountaineering, skydiving, river rafting, and scuba diving are some of them. Due to the slow rate of development in the adventure sports field, it took a significant amount of time to set the state for the new age youngsters. Among these, the popularity of rock climbing India has reached its peak. Living on the edge is a state of mind, and you can get that by taking part in the adventure sports.

While the rest of the world gets sucked into the dullness of daily life, you can uncover the true thrill of living life on the edge. You need not indulge in very expensive habits to acquire this. There are various kinds of adventure games, which have become popular all over the world. Even the central and the state government in various states have understood it and are developing a tourism based on this adventure game. So, buckle up as I am going to take you on tour and make stops at best destinations that are known for rock climbing facilities.

Rock climbing India

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Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh

When discussing rock climbing India, the very first name that must be mentioned in the Parvati Valley. The valley is not only endowed with natural beauty but also has the perfect setting for facilitating the adventure sports lovers to feel the thrill of climbing the rugged mountain slopes. The parent rock, found in the area is mica. Mica has the characteristics of withstanding the elements of nature. There are many rocky areas, which are often visited by the people who want to feel the adrenalin rush in their veins and the wind in their hair. The place is a hot spot for the adventure loving backpackers. Apart from mountaineering, the authority often organizes trekking trips for the sports enthusiasts.

Miyar Valley rock climbing India

Another spot that is considered to be a heaven for the backpackers and hikers is the Miyar Valley. It too is located among the lofty mountains and the picturesque valleys of Himachal. Adventure lovers, both of local and foreign origin flock to the area in the summers to get the taste of true thrill. The area is also popular for being the home of the “valley of flowers” and the alpine forests. As the area is bordered by the Zaskar range, many potential areas will serve your purpose if you want to indulge in rock climbing.

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Rock climbing India

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SAR Pass climbing spots

Himachal Pradesh is a cradle for rock climbing spots in the country. Every mountain will provide you with a cliff that will invite the people who have the desire to tame the rugged mountains, with their rock climbing skills. SAR Pass is one such area that will feature at the top of the rock climbing India list. When you reach the pass, you will get the option of choosing from a number of boulder climbing locations. During the summer months, the area gets flooded with adventure seekers. The presence of many mountain slopes and rugged terrains has made the SAR Pass an ideal location for the sport.

Madhugiri in Karnataka

Apart from the northern mountains, India has many mountainous regions in the south as well. States like Karnataka and Kerala have become the go-to place for the seekers of adventure. For instance, Madhugiri is a popular tourist destination, located in nature encompassed lands of Karnataka. It is a tiny place that is nestled in the Tumkur city but has been attracting the eyes of adventure sports lovers in the recent times. Though the area does not have many hills, the presence of the enormous rocks provides a chance to rock climbers. The area holds the record of having the largest conglomeration of giant monolithic rocks in the continent of Asia.

Pythal Mala in Kerala

After Karnataka, you must take a look at the area named Pythal Mala that is located in the state of Kerala. Though the state is mostly popular for the presence of the amazing backwaters, it has also acquired a position in the rock climbing India list. The hill that is the topic of discussion is located at 1371.6 m above the mean sea level. Apart from rock climbing, the thrill seekers will also be able to take part in trekking and campaigning. Each year, the state government organizes rock climbing events that invite adventure lovers from near and far. So, if you want to feel the thrill of living on the edge, then pack your bags and embark on the journey that will bring you to this area.

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Malshej Ghat in Maharashtra

Another place that has been making headlines in the world of adventure sports in the recent times is the Malshej Ghat. This rocky terrain is the idea place to provide you with real sense thrill and adventure. Apart from registering its name in the list of top rock climbing India destinations, it will also provide the tourists with an excellent opportunity for camping out in the open and hiking.

Safety of the adventure seekers

Before embarking on the quest for adventure, you need to realize that rock climbing is a dangerous sport. One false step or a slip of the fingers can prove to be fatal. So, you must pay attention to the standard safety measures. Attempt to tame the high rocks only after attaining proper training. Listening to the guidelines of the instructor is very important as it will save your life from any accident. Always remember, they know the nature of the mountains better. The state government has announced that for organizing any adventure sports, the authority will have to acquire the license from the government agencies. These organizing groups also make the people aware of the dangers of taking part in this adventure sport.

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Rock Climbing India, Check Out The Top Destinations

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