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We all want to spend our weekend in such a place where we feel relaxed. These short weekend trips are usually done to take a short break from the busy life that you lead regularly. To spend such wonderful weekends, you can choose Bankiput at this weekend. The beautiful bankiput sea beach will attract you and give you amazing fresh air. This place is also considered as one of the favorite places of the couples who want to spend romantic honeymoon. The following paragraphs of this article will give you more information about this place.

Brief on bankiput

Bankiput is a very attractive beach side. The place is situated in the south Bengal. This is an appropriate place to visit for the people of nearby places. This place is also called as the virgin sea beach because this beach is far away from pollutions. You will get to see numerous attractive objects over there. Bankiput is located in Kathi, also known as Contai. Before you visit the place, go through the bankiput images and you will also get to know about this place from bankiput reviews.

BankiputPhoto by @the.photoguy (insta)

How to reach this place?

Before you get the amazing view of this place you have to reach there safely. There are several ways to reach this beautiful place. You can reach this place via car, bus and train. If you want to reach this place via train you have two options. Both the train departs from the Howrah station. You have to reach Kathi first by train then you can move to the attractive beach side area of Bankiput via local vehicle or private car. You can hire bus from the Dharmatala bus terminus of city Kolkata. This is very popular and a very busy bus terminus of Bengal.

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The bus will make you reach Kathi and then the local vehicle is the best option to travel the rest distance. If you want to reach this place via car you can do so easily. There are a number of route that will make you reach Bankiput. You just have to wait till the journey ends and after that you may feel like you have reached to a new world of scenic beauty. The bankiput images can give you some previous ideas about this place. You may also get to know more about the ways to reach this place by going through bankiput reviews. All of these ways will make you reach Bankiput within four to five hours from Kolkata.

BankiputPhoto by Subharnab

Attractions of this place

There are numerous exciting things that may attract you to this place. You may get to know about those attractions from the following paragraphs of this article.

Beautiful beach side- if you are interested to visit this place you must have gone through the bankiput images already. The beautiful meet of the sky and the water land at the horizon looks amazing. You may spend hours of the evening by sitting in the beach side and enjoying the fresh air.

Casuarina plants- this is another attraction of this place. You will be able to see a number of casuarina plants over there. You may have heard about these plants in the bankiput reviews. These natural plants enhance the beauty of the place.

Red crabs- this is one of the most important attractions in bankiput. You will see a huge number of red crabs all over the beach. You can click some awesome bankiput images with these red crabs on the beach.

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Nearby place of attraction

The place itself is a great visiting place. The nearby places are also quite attractive. Junput, shankarpur, tajpur, mandarmani, digha are the nearby places where you can go and spend your weekends.


Photo by tirthankargupta

Accommodation to stay there

You will find there only one guest house that serves the tourist. This guest house is serving comfortable accommodation to the tourists for a long time. They always try to offer you the best quality service.

Featured Photo by @the.photoguy (insta)

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