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Everyone likes to enjoy a spa, isn’t it? Not the humans, even the elephants love and enjoy a SPA. Don’t worry I didn’t make a mistake by telling so, yes because India actually hosts a spa exclusively for the elephants. Every year in the month of July, some lucky elephants of the well-known Guruvayurappan Hindu Temple in Kerala enjoy one full day of pampering at the Punnathoor Cotta Elephant Yard. Let’s know more about this interesting Indian elephant spa.

Elephant Camp at Punnathoor Cotta

The Elephant Camp is located at a distance of around 3 kilometers from the Guruvayur Temple in Kerala. Spreads across 11.5 acres of land, this camp houses around 58 elephants. In fact, the camp is popular for one fact this one fact that it houses the largest number of elephants in a very small stretch of land. Keeping this fact in mind, there is one sad thing to note is that the facility holds only 8 elephant sheds. This means that most of the elephants here are entirely exposed to all the elements throughout the year. Sadly, they stand on their food waste, faeces, and urine.

One fascinating feature to note about this camp is that all the elephants housed at this camp are offerings which are made to the Guruvayur Temple by the devotees. The Punnathoor Cotta Elephant Yard is also a training school for the elephants. The elephants (male ones) are trained to participate in the daily and major temple rituals and processions. The camp has become a popular tourist destination and is visited by a huge number of tourist.

The Jumbo Elephant SPA In India

Life is hard for everyone, and this fact holds true for both humans and animals. I feel everyone deserves some amount of pampering, and this elephant spa is doing just that. A lucky group of elephants gets to enjoy and relax a day full of pampering at this spa. This is their lucky day and it comes every year in the month of July. The workers at the Punnathoor Cotta Elephant Yard massage and scrub the elephants for one full day.

The month of July is considered to be the month of rejuvenation in the country. Like the humans, the elephants get this golden chance to enjoy some luxury. The elephant spa involves, hosing, scrubbing, cleaning and massaging of the elephants. The elephants are fed with nutritious snacks. The elephants are treated with sanctuary treat ‘Sukha Chikitsa’ i.e. ayurvedic therapies by the sanctuary. The main motive of this elephant spa is to revitalize the elephants and keep them in good physical shape.

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The elephants play an important role in the processions of the popular Guruvayurappan Hindu Temple, to which this rejuvenation center is attached. The lucky elephants totally indulge themselves in this SPA. The spa is done by locals, and it is truly an act of kindness. They happily scrub the huge bellies of the elephants and also manage to clean even the tough to reach spots.

Who Are The Lucky Elephants?

The elephants who form the major part of processions at the Guruvayurappan Hindu Temple are allowed to enjoy one full day of luxury. They are given a day off from work to sit back and just relax.

The elephants lie down lazily near the river and enjoy every minute of their Spa. The workers at the sanctuary prepare for their pampering session. According to the locals, the snacks fed to the elephants help in supporting in their rejuvenation.

The elephant spa days take in the month of July every year. And this spa is a reward for the loyal elephants from the workers. This Spa has become a ritual and is a part of their daily life. I feel there is no other way to pamper these hard-working giants. It’s like spoiling them in the most luxurious way, isn’t it?

While July means the month of scorching heat for most of us in India, it means something different and immensely luxurious for these elephants in Kerala. Have you visited the Punnathoor Cotta Elephant Yard in Kerala? If you have please do share your experiences with us as comments below.

Featured Photo by ZeePack

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