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Education in India

Education in India has a rich history. The educational institutions of today trace back their history to the centres of learning from the past.

India is a country which always gave preference to education. Educational instititutes or learning centres have been prevalent since time immemorial; more so in India, which is the birthplace of the Gurukula system of education.

The earliest recorded higher learning center, Takshasila belongs to 5th century BCE.

Taxila University grew popular during the reign of Chandragupta Maurya when Chankya wrote a series of books called Artha Shastra. Artha Shastra was inspired as a guiding principle of the Kind. Taxila University imparted knowledge around religion, agriculture. Vedas, commerce, politics, music and dance, archery, medicine etc.

Nalanda University was established in the 5thcentury AD and was a residential institute of higher learning and was destroyed by fire. This university has been revived by the Government of Bihar. Taxila and Nalanda Universities were famous globally attracting students from all over in ancient times. Ayurveda was born out of these schooling systems.

In the modern times, the Indian Institutes of Technology and the Indian Institutes of Management have put India back in the world map as far as education is concerned.

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