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Andhra Pradesh is always well celebrated for its rich culture and tradition. The marvel state has offered an extensive variety of performing great arts, comprising dance, meaningful drama and mind blowing music for the world. In India from centuries dance is always recognized to be the incredible style of expressing arts. Kuchipudi, the exotic and notorious classical dances in Andhra Pradesh that is been developed from this state. Kuchipudi which is a unique best dance in the world is pretty similar to that of Bharat Natyam dance form. In addition to Kuchipudi, there are also several other dances styles that have been originated from Andhra Pradesh. There is another outstanding form of dance that has been prospered from here, called the Perini. This style signifies warrior subject executed for Lord Shiva. Here we go with the different types of dances in Andhra Pradesh.


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This dance originated in Andhra Pradesh, Kuchipudi is merely not a dance but then again it is the finest combination of dance, good songs, speech, and gestures. The Kuchipudi dancer will be an expertise in many languages, song, performing, dancing, as well as scripts. In the 17th century, this Kuchipudi was started by Siddhendra Yogi during the divine bhakti movement.


Got birth from Kuchipudi, this dance form offers both dances also drama. At the period of 17th centuries, this dance was fashioned by Siddhendra Yogi. Bhamakalpam is the good variety in the feminine gestures and movements in dance, opposing the masculine performance termed the tandava of Kathakali also Yakshagana.


Burrakatha is the special folk dance of Andhra Pradesh state. Previous recognized as Jangam Katha, it perceives sagas of the Indian Mythos. While performing the main artist will narrate the story at the same time will play music according to the tune while the co-artists will beat the drums then speak to the main artist, inspiring definite occasions of the story.

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Veeranatyam speaks about the dance of Majestic Lord Shiva which was performed while the Lord shiva became furious by Sati’s death plus mortification. Veeranatyam is likewise celebrated as Dance of Destruction. The dance is yet practiced by Veeramusti community people that states to be offspring of the Veerabhadra.

Butta Bommalu

This classic folk dance, that is very much notorious in Tanuku region that is West Godavari District situated in Andhra Pradesh. This dance performance is quite different from other the dance, the dancers while performing will wear a mask of distinct characters and keep amused the people by their elusive movements, escorted by non-verbal music and melodies.


Dappu is the dynamic dance style that is originated from Nizamabad District. In this dance art, the dancers usually wear colorful costumes and make a performance to the musical tunes of the table, cymbals and elegant harmonium. Only mythological stories are performed in this Dappu dance style.

Tappeta Gullu

This is a devotional dance and very much famous in the Srikakulam and Vizianagaram districts. Tappeta Gullu is performances that have energy, beat, and tempo and is danced to appeal the Rain God. Dancers who perform this dance will usually hang a drum over their neck and create beats and perform movements according to the beats.


Related through Lambadi tribe, Lambadi dance is made to rejoice a full done harvest or else for a worthy sowing period. The dancers decorate themselves by hefty jewelry that is like ivory bangles, brass bracelets, decorative ornaments and attires embroidered by means of glass beads.


Bonalu is an extraordinary dance in which the feminine dancers will dance to the musical beats at the same time they will balance pots onto the heads. Bonalu is normally performed to tribute Mahankali, who is the divine being in their village. Also, the Potharajus, who are the male dancers, will pave the way to the female dancers for the temple.

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Dhimsa is a dance performed by all the age groups who live in the hilly area of Vishakhapatnam district. It is a tribal dance which is performed in months of March or April, they usually call it is as Chaitra. To carry out the dance, the artists dress in classic tribal dresses as well as ornaments.


This dance is similar to the Dandia dance of Gujarat, performed with sticks. This is also known as the Kolannalu otherwise Kolkolannalu, this dance is typically executed at the time of festivals in the village. Kolattam has the boundless amalgamation of rhythmic steps, songs plus music.

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Eclectic Range Of Dances In Andhra Pradesh

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