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Echoes Of Earth Festival Is Set To Bring Amusement And Fun

The Silicon Valley of India’s culture is as much magnificent as its identity as the IT capital of the country. After all, it is that city which brought India’s greenest festival under the limelight. The city which is much praised for its architectural belongings is also prominent to reintroduce the festival in the month of December this year. Echoes of Earth, as the name suggests, is set to come back in 2020. If you’re a wild lover of music, art, and culture, you seriously need to immerse into its waves and visit Echoes of Earth venue.

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An Introduction to Echoes Of Earth

Our Mother Earth’s belongings are our pride. That’s what makes it evident to celebrate it in one great hub, better known as the Echoes of Earth festival. The celebration brings all kinds of people under one umbrella, whereby they rejoice to the sound of music, and showcase their talents. Many artisans are captured exhibiting their handicraft items as well. If that’s not enough to surprise you about the festival’s celebration, then here are more!

Besides more than 40 artists tuning in to the beats of music and exhibiting their talents, there are DJ sets too. Art installations, workshops, and the market stalls are some other highlights of this green festival. And how can we miss out the mouthwatering delights? You get to pamper your taste buds right upon visiting its venue. There would be lip-smacking food items waiting for your taste buds to get pampered!

The Motto behind celebrating such a wonderful festival

Presenting a stellar line-up of many events, the festival is nestles among the city’s lush green area. Everyone comes under one umbrella and celebrates one Earth, together. The festival also assembles people from different walks of their lives. It unites them and offers such a magnificent celebration of art, culture, and music. The main motto of the event is to uphold and entail a deeper commitment towards our Mother Earth. It also focuses on sustainable products, thereby preserving the environment.

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The festival aims at focusing on three elements – reuse, recycle, and reduce. It brings people into the enlightenment of using old and discarded products with a bit of uniqueness and creativity incorporated in it. That’s how artisans’ talents come into the frame in this festival. People witness the mesmerizing beauty of sustainable practices to save the Mother Earth. It also focuses on creating an awareness program towards a better lifestyle, rather a sustainable one.

This very first ecologically-crafted event is an innovation in the name of festival also includes musical celebration just to appreciate the beautiful musical heritage of India. The amalgamation of good music and sustainability is a wonderful approach to create such a great awareness program.  After all, the two communities (music and environmental sustainability) comes together and gets a reason to showcase their individual talents here.

If you and your close ones have a mutual love for wonderful music, then you can attend this festival in the month of December.

When is the festival happening?

Much to the knowledge of fans, last year the festival occurred between December 7 and 8. This year too, the festival is set to occur during the time of 7th-9th December 2020. Embassy Riding School is expected to be the Echoes of Earth venue.

So, if you really admire and appreciate sustainable moves towards preserving the Mother Earth and have a love for music, you can check out what is happening this year at Echoes of Earth!

Featured Photo of ‘V838 Mon Light Echo’ by Hubble Heritage under CC BY-SA 2.0

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