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Durgapur is the third largest city located in the district of Bardhhaman, West Bengal, India. It’s a home for some well-established steel manufacturing companies of this state. The first steel company was set up in 1962 when India was experiencing massive flourishment of steel business throughout the country. Apart from steel industries, this city also include incorporates coal, tile and brick industries.

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There are some big markets in Durgapur which are famous for garments, ladies jewelry & household utensils. This is a beautiful city allowing you to enjoy fun activities such as fishing, boating or sightseeing. You can also visit the temples, monuments and mosques spreading across the city of Durgapur. Some of the favorite places of this city are-


It’s no tourist spot but if you want to experience the hustle and bustle of the business areas of Durgapur, Benachity can allow you for that. It’s the oldest business area in Durgapur having 3km length of shops on both sides of the road. The shops used to be very congested but now the authority is renovating them in the form of the multistoried building to keep pace with the modernity.

All the banks of Durgapur have their branch in Benachity making it a hub for commercial activities. Buses are readily available most of the time so transportation won’t be a headache for you. Benachity is burdened with parking problem due to the roads being narrow. Sometimes it causes a huge traffic jam that disrupts civil tranquility.

City Center

If you’re in Durgapur with the intention of buying some branded products and get your hands full with shopping bags, City Centre will be the right choice for you! It’s the heart of Durgapur that includes numerous shopping malls, a Cineplex & some fine restaurants of this city. Just like Benachity, it’s also becoming an ideal place for commercial activities since different banks are opening their branches here in the City Centre.

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It also includes some residential properties where the surrounding is relatively calm & free from the touch of mass industrialization. City Centre is the place where you can find everything under the same roof.

Durgapur Barrage

This place is unique for having the combination of nature’s madness & the modern technologies to control it. The barrage stays calm all the year through except for the monsoon season when water tries to leak out of the locked gates. There’s a beautiful bridge over a canal located at a few yards away from the main barrage.

If you are in Durgapur barrage, make sure you’ve had a walk over the bridge since the experience can be compared to nothing! Try to visit this place in the very morning. This is an ideal time to enjoy the gilded rays of the sun & the flying birds welcoming the sunrise.


Randiha is a popular tourist spot in Durgapur situated on the banks of the Damodar. This is an amazing town that provides a blend of greenery and water all around the place. Morning is the best time to visit Randiha. Sitting on a chair, having endless cups of tea & listening to the sweet voices of birds is something heavenly. The view of the Randiha dam is also worth enjoying.

Kumaramangalam Park

This is one of the most beautiful parks in Durgapur. The park has ample space to walk around amidst the serenity of nature and enjoy the calmness of the atmosphere. Apart from the greeneries, the thing that will surely catch your attention is the magical fountain that seems to dance in harmony with the music. Kumaramangalam parks get its eye-pleasing view in the evening when the whole place is lit with colorful lights. The fountain looks magnetizing when the all the lights reflect off the water.

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If you’re planning to visit Durgapur, winter will be the best season to explore this city. The weather remains pleasant during this time allowing you to trek around these spots without feeling exhausted.

Photo by Topu Saha


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