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With Rakhsa Bandhan and Independence Day holidays is around the corner, are you making holiday plans? As we all know popular hill stations remain overcrowded and expensive during this time period, so why not move ahead and try some alternative holiday destinations that are less crowded and more affordable. Durg is one such holiday destination. This princely Indian state of Chhattisgarh is a quaint town that offers a spiritual experience to the visitors.



Top Places To See In Durg


1. Devabolda Temple

It is one of the holiest shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva. This tourists visit this temple often to witness the architectural grandeur. The temple is located a few kilometers away from the heart of the town and no one can afford to miss a visit to this sacred temple when they come to Durg.

2. Balod

Balod is a small town located on the banks of river Tandula and the town boasts of several religious temples particularly Ganga Maiyya Temple, Siyadevi Temple, which holds a religious significance among the townsfolk. Apart from having a religious significance and historical significance, this town boasts of several forts.

3. Maitri Bagh

Not even the religious freaks, but people from the different origin can visit here and enjoy their leisure time. This bagh aka park remains closed during the dark but is opened during daytime for the visitors. The tourists can come here and have a look at both rich flora and fauna. It is an eco-park that is a home or a shelter to various wild animals. The small kids can come here and take fun rides, enjoy the toy train, etc. The park is enveloped with lush green trees and forests.  It is a joint initiative of the Russian and Indian government. It was established by the Bhilai Steel Plant and has an artificial lake embedded within it.  In this park, various exhibitions are also held.

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This picnic spot is also famous for the musical fountain. Whats more! The visitors can even take food from the premises of the park and if not there are various other munching options available inside the park. The ticket is nominal and it costs Rs 20. At the entrance of the park, there are hoardings which represent the rich cultural heritage of local tribes.

4. Deorbijia Temple

The temple is located in the Deorbijia city of Durg district. It is an ancient temple, which was constructed on the same lines as the shrines in the Janjgir district. Both the temple resembles the same in terms of design and architecture. The entry to this temple is free.

5. Civic Center

It is a pure refreshment zone. Here, the people can enjoy and capture the best moments together with the family! The place boasts of several shops that offer shopaholic a treasured moment. The people can come here and buy the branded products or local handicraft products; even there are a few jewelry shops too. Not only shopping, the place offers a comfort zone for foodies too.  Starting from desi chaat to gol gappe to dahi bada, people can savor their favorite delights with a twist.

6. Kharkhara

The place is ideal for locals and tourists. The place has stood firmly against the test of time and has emerged as a wonderful scenic destination. The dam is constructed and is about 1,128 m long. The natural landscape of this place is mesmerizing and the best part is this place is located away from the dust and smoke of the industries.

There are also various other gurdwaras, parks and shopping malls located in Durg. All in all, this is a mesmerizing destination that gives visitors a break from his/her daily monotonous life.

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Photo by shankar s.

Durg, One Offbeat Holiday Destination

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