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Forests are homes to a third part of plant and animal species surviving on earth. They are a symbol of beauty to nature. If you are forest lover, you must visit this forest located in the Purulia district of West Bengal. It is not a very common and well-known spot among travelers but if you are looking for a quick and adventurous tour for the weekend, Duarsini is your destination.

Culture of Purulia

Before visiting any place it is important to know about the culture of that place. Duarsini is situated on the banks of the rivulet, Satgurum in Purulia district of West Bengal. The duarsini map of Purulia will help you to understand better. Every place has its own cultural heritage and Purulia is no exception. It is a rural place with tribal culture in its roots.

You would be surprised to know that the famous Chhau dance of West Bengal originated in this region.

DuarsiniPhoto by blackfog

What is so Attractive About Duarsini

Although lesser known among other popular destinations, this forest land can be your perfect get away for the weekend. As par with the Google map, it is situated in the Dalma Hills of Chota Nagpur Plateau. It is a rural area marked by small hilltops covered with forests. The tropical weather of this locale is perfect to keep you comfortable while you enjoy the scenic beauty of the area. The place does not have any electricity connection but you have nothing to worry about that. You can avail the booking at the forest bunglow of the region around the year. The tribal villages add charm to the place.

This forest place in Purulia, is one of the rarest places where you get to enjoy the beauty of forests, hill areas, tribal culture all in one place. All you need is a digital or paper map to enjoy the perfect forestal climate. The Duarsini forests are full of trees like Sal, Teak, Mahua, Pial, Shimul, Palash, Kusum and Bahera. A trip to the forests will leave you spellbound.

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Due to the tribal area, there are always tribal festivals being celebrated all around the year. You would be lucky to experience one. A right time booking at the jungle bunglow allows you feel the excitement of living in the forest along with drumbeats of the tribal people at the night gives you the experience of a lifetime.

When to Visit

The forest land in Purulia is one of the very few places which you can visit any time of the year except the rainy season. The local temperature is comfortable all year long.

What to See

The perfect duarsini weather is ideal for forest lovers, trekkers, hikers and bird watchers. It is also a great place for all those who wish to study tribal culture. You can visit the forests and hills or enjoy the river flowing by. You can also visit tribal houses and interact with them only under the supervision of a local person. Duarsini is the home for many tribes such as Santhals, Shabaradhs, Khariyas and Mundas. The forest is home to wild animals such as Elephants, Hyenas, Wolves and Bears.  A stay in the forest bunglow booking lets you enjoy the natural beauty at night time.

DuarsiniPhoto by Swami Stream

Nearby Places to Visit

Apart from the forest of Duarsini, you can visit the local attractions such as Galudi and Bhalo hills. Both the places are situated nearby. Bhalo hills are place of historical attraction.

Where to Stay

Due to lack of electricity in the area, there are not a lot many places to stay except few cottages at WBFDC. The duarsini forest bunglow booking allows you to make your trip a comfortable and memorable one. They are available at cheap and affordable prices.

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How to Reach

This place is located at the border area of West Bengal and Jharkhand. It is at a distance of 13 km from Burdwan. Purulia is the closest railway station to Duarsini. You can avail any train to Purulia from Howrah station. After getting down from the train, you can avail local transportation to reach Duarsini. You can also rent a car from Kolkata to Duarsini. All you need is a duarsini map to guide your way.

Featured Photo byCrazyYatra CAPTURES

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