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Coonoor hill station houses some of the best forts of the country, one of which is the historically significant and an enriched architecture of History, Droog Fort. At Nilgiri Hills, Droog Fort holds a quiet and serene ambience for the tourists. The other name for the fort is the Bakasura Malai. Locate in the hilly area of the Indian State of Tamil Nadu; Droog Fort is housed at the lap of the Nilgiri Hills or the famous Nilgiri Hills. This fort is situated nearly thirteen kilometers away from the main township area. If you ever get to visit the place then you will be astonished to see the ruins of the fort. This fort is situated at six thousand feet above the level of the sea. Therefore, you can jolly well understand that this place stands as the best destination for the tourists’ delight when it comes to trekking. The fort has got four deep valleys on each of its sides and the view of the mountain top is breathtakingly beautiful.

Droog FortPhoto by TijsB

Legends and stories of Droog Fort

If the folklores are to be believed, this fort was once the home of the Hindu Mythological demon Bakasura who appears in the stories of Krishna. Just for that very reason, this entire fort locally is known as the Bakasura Malai. Historically, as mentioned earlier, this fort speaks of history with each and every brick of it. Tipu Sultan established this Fort during his reign. During the eighteenth century, under him, the fort was used by his people as a military outpost. The mighty architecture of this fort is formed in such a way that anybody can get the point of view of the bird on the plains and the area surrounding it. This speaks of the reason as to how Droog Fort was indeed a hot spot for Tipu Sultan. The fort truly comes with an unparalled mechanism for the identification of the enemies or any kind of intruders. In today’s times, this fort has become a worn out one. Droog Fort stands lonely amidst the greenery of the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu, and now it has become a hot spot for the tourists who just love the sport of hiking. The lovers of this sport actually overlook the heftiness of climbing up the hill three kilometers and no other place among the tea estates of Coonoor hill station holds this much attraction and interest for the people. Even a few years back, Droog Fort was considered to be the imposing establishment between serene locales of the Nilgiri Hills, whose existence could be seen or witnessed in the walls of the fort. There is a singular watch tower that captures the eccentric feel of the Droog Fort for the tourists.

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When it comes to the timing of the Droog Fort it is important to know that there is no specific time slot that has been restricted by the authorities of the fort. It is very much open to each and every tourist out there, for twenty four hours; three hundred and sixty five days and seven days of the week for any time. Although, it is advised that you take a tour of the place within six o’clock in the morning till the evening of the same time. It takes for a person to climb up and visit the fort nearly six hours Therefore, visiting the fort at the early morning will be the best option for any travelling enthusiast.

How to reach

Coonoor City can be accessed by road from many of the major metropolitan cities of the country. Thanks to the modern development of the modern era, it does not take much time to reach the place. Coimbatore has the nearest place for flights. You can also rent a cab or a car, and also take local buses from the airport. Once reaching Coimbatore, you can take a cab.

The perfect time to visit

Monsoon is considered to be the best time for visiting Droog Fort between October and March.

Featured Photo by TijsB

Droog Fort Diaries – A Brief Tour To The Past Magnificence

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