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Located in the Himalayan Zaskar Range in the Pensi La Mountain Pass in Jammu and Kashmir, Paradise on Earth, Drang Drung glacier is a 23km stretch mountain glacier. 

Drang Drung Glacier – The Grace Of The Zaskar Range

Located in the Himalayan Zaskar Range in the Pensi La Mountain Pass in Jammu and Kashmir, Paradise on Earth, Drang Drung glacier is a 23km stretch mountain glacier. Drang Drung glacier is supposedly the largest glacier in Ladakh second to Siachen Glacier. It has one of the highest elevation of 4,780m. A 6550 km of elevation called the Doda peak rises from the midst of the Drang Drung glacier lending it an absolute picturesque view.

How to reach Drang Drung Glacier?

The nearest airport to access the Drang Drung glacier is Srinagar airport. The glacier is 331km (206 miles) from the airport and would approximately take a journey of 2 days in a car. It will lead through NH 1 connecting Srinagar to Leh. Kargil town falls halfway through the journey and may be used as a break/halt point. A trek of one day follows the journey from Pensi La mountain pass. The road connects Drang Drung glacier which remains open for travellers from the month of May to September. You should visit this place between July and August as the Zojila and Pensi La passes remain snow covered for rest of the year.

What to expect there?

Drang Drung glacier is a meandering river of flowing snow and ice amid stunning mountain ranges, all together making a spectacular view. This gorgeous glacier has the beautiful snow capped Himalayas towering over it making the picturesque view worth the watch of a lifetime. Drang Drung Glacier is truly one of those awe-inspiring reasons that make this part of India to be helmed as Paradise. The one day trek lets you enjoy the beauty even better. For the adventure-buffs, this place is surely their ultimate destination. The Drang Drung glacier is the perfect gataway for the mind and body. It’s thrilling yet peaceful. The amalgamation is of the rare sort and can be found only in a land as rich as India. There are fruit orchids that would give you another reason to appreciate the flora of the region. Tourist can visit the Panzila Top which is situated at an altitude of 4,401 metres.

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Ladakh is one of the safest parts of the country. The region is dotted with military cantonments and the area is under thorough security coverage because of the strategic position of international border between India and China. The glacier can be visited at all times of the day, however, at night, any type of trekking or travelling is strictly prohibited.

The Drang Drung glacier is one of the popular off-bit tourist destinations of the country and should only be opted by people who feel passionate about travelling and are ready to cut a notch short on luxury. The tour is sure to provide a rush of excitement and enthusiasm. A very important thing to be mentioned is that the temperature falls very low very quickly and so, adequate warm clothing and covering should accompany the tour. Drang Drung glacier adds a whole new dimension to the tourism of India. If you love thrill and serenity at the same time, this glacier is absolutely something you would want in your list of travels!

Featured Photo by poonam.agarwal.s  

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