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Double-Decker Trains Of India

Double Decker (DC) trains are known to be energy efficient and resolve capacity problems.  They are called bilevel trains or Dostos in some parts of the world. Such train systems exist in Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Israel, Japan, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States

In India

The double-deckers trains in India hold 40% additional capacity than regular trains.  These trains have three levels – Upper deck, middle deck, and lower deck.

Some features of this train are:

  • Pretty upholstery, colorful interiors
  • 75% of these trains are chair cars and have no provision for sleeping
  • Most trains have Led displays showing names of stations and train speed
  • Run on busy routes
  • Fastest trains
  • Some are AC Chair car and some are Non AC ones

There have been few complaints of lack of leg space and delays in reaching destinations.  But most regular commuters have loved traveling on these special trains from Indian railways.  Kids love this train as they enjoy climbing up and down the stairs as if they are on an adventure.

Here is a list of Double-Decker trains that run in our Country…

Chennai – Bangalore 

This train connects Chennai and Bangalore traveling about 358 kms.  It uses the powerful LHB locomotives.  It was initiated in April 2013.  This service is available daily.

Vishakhapatnam – Tirupathi 

This one connects Vishakapatnam and Tirupathi, a distance of 761  kms, in 13 hours and 10 minutes.  It runs three times a week.  There are 8 AC chair cars and 2 power car carriages in this train.

Flying Ranee 

Flying Ranee is a super fast express running from Mumbai To Surat.  It covers a distance of 263 kms in 4 hours and 43 minutes stopping at 14 Stations in between.   It has an AC Chair Car, a First class and a double Decker second class with sitting facility and no sleeper coaches.  The service is a daily one and is hauled by WAP 7 or WAP 5 locomotive from Vadodara.

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Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Madgoan AC Double Decker train 

This train was introduced in 2015.  It links Mumbai and Madgoan, a town in Goa.  The travel distance is  750 kilometers and the train runs 12 hours three days a week on this busy route.

Bhopal – Indore Intercity 

This train travels 224 kilometers in 3 hours and 35 minutes connecting Bhopal Habibganj to Indore junction.  There is plenty of space in the 11 AC coaches in this train.  All these coaches have GPS to show the current location, the next station and the time that it will take for you to reach there.  Since it does not have a pantry car, food arrangements have to be made by yourself.

Lucknow Anand Vihar Terminal 

Another train introduced in 2015, the Lucknow Anand Vihar Terminal DC express operates bi-weekly on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays and starts off at both ends. It is the first Double Decker Train in UP and ninth in India.  It covers the distance of 479 kms between Lucknow and Delhi in 8 hours and fifteen minutes.

Rohilla AC 

This train begins its journey from Jaipur junction and stops at 4 places on its way to the Delhi Sarai Rohilla Railway station. Belonging to the North Western Railways, it runs on this 303 km distance at a speed of 67.33 km per hour on a daily basis.  It has 2 executive coaches and 13 AC chair cars.  WDM 3A or WDP4 from Tughlakabad shed hauls this amazing double-decker.

Mumbai Central – Ahmedabad 

This one is a super fast express from Western Railways zone. It was introduced some 6 years ago on September 19, 2012.  It covers the distance of  491kms from Mumbai to Ahmedabad in 7 hours. This service is available daily except Sundays.

It is hauled by WAP5 engine belonging to Vadodara shed

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In the year 2017, it was redesigned with vinyl wrapping exteriors becoming the first Indian Railways’ first “Branded train”.

double decker train photo
GNT – KCG DD Special by Belur Ashok under CC BY 2.0

Utkrisht DC AC Yatri Express

Utkrisht DC AC Yatri Express is a proposed fleet of 4 trains that will run during the night on busy routes. Some special features on this series of trains are:

  • Fully airconditioned
  • Bio-toilets
  • LED display
  • Vinyl covered classy exteriors
  • Charging Ports
  • Coffee machines
  • Safety measures including CCTVs and smoke screens

The first express in this series of trains, the 431km Bangalore -Coimbatore express was flagged off on 10th June 2018.  Others in the offing are:

  1. Vishakhapatnam – Vijaywada  Distance 350km
  2. Bandra Terminus – Jamnagar Distance 813 kms
  3. Bangalore City – Chennai Central Distance 350 kms.

Double deckers that ran for some time but now stand cancelled are Kacheguda – Tirupathi DC Express, Andhra Pradesh and Guntur – Kacheguda DC express Telangana.

Featured Image: Pixabay

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