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Festival of Lights / Diwali

Deepawali photo

Photo by kdinuraj

A time to get together; a time to lighten our spirits and a time to make a fresh start – Diwali or the festival of lights has been a yearly event that I have always looked forward to as a child. Early memories of Diwali for me have been the spirit with which it was celebrated when family from different cultures, languages, religions came together to celebrate and revel in the fireworks.


The festival of lights brought in excitement for us every year round with preparations around the fireworks with Rs 100 as a kitty (Rs 100 used to be a big amount for us then :)). Diwali brought in new clothes for me, which I much later realised was meant for us kids (coz parents saved money for our happiness).

New clothes

With new clothes and in anticipation of delicacies cooked by my mom, I would lighten up diyas around my house.

Sand Castles

Early memories of Diwali were us preparing sand castles for Goddess Lakshmi to come home with wealth and prosperity. Of course she never arrived but we had lots of fun in making the clay castles or homes.

Friends and Family

The early childhood scare from fireworks soon had grown to enjoyment and fun as we grew and came to know of the significance of Diwali. More than anything else, this is a time for family, friends to spend time together, to  re-think and re-start and have lots of fun in the process.

Note: I often wondered why India never celebrated New Year celebrations as fireworks similar to the scale that we have been in Sydney or London. I now realize that we don’t need to. India has the largest fireworks display of all – where-in the entire country is involved in celebrations during the Hindu festival of Diwali.

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Featured Photo by angelic_shrek

Diwali – Festival Of Lights

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