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Being adventurous for me is like being mad, trying things which are frightening and startling is something that takes me to a whole new world. And Diving is one way which takes me to a different world. This is one way that completely changes the way we see, move and breath. Diving is so much fun, it’s like trying something that gives you return gifts in return. Yes, a chance to explore a totally hidden world is indeed no less than a gift. For me, diving is one activity which truly would steal your breath away. Are you ready to dive in? This Blog post would take you through 10 popular dive spots in India which will drive you crazy and make you mad.

Diving Is NOT Reserved For Abroad

Many people have this misconception, but this is a totally wrong concept. To experience you really don’t need to plan a luxurious trip to other countries. Yes! India has end number of options available when it comes to diving, and this blog post is going to prove just that. Here we bring popular Dive Spots In India.

GOA photoPhoto by Ian D. Keating

1. GOA

India’s most popular tourist destination, known for its mesmerising beaches had to be first on this list. Goa is a hub for adventure sports, yes sky diving, jet skiing, paragliding it’s all right here. Just name an adventurous experience you are looking for and its right here. Sadly, not many people know that Goa has options for diving too. The season for diving at goa begins from mid of October and stays till April. So, make sure you plan your trip to get this experience in your bucket list too.

  1. Grand Island (Goa)

Diving and fishing lovers, this is the place for you to be next time you visit Goa. Grand Island has around 7 dive sites. Suzy’s Wreck, Umma Gumma Reef, and Shelter Cove are some of the most popular ones. This diving spot offers great facilities for all levels of divers (beginners and experts).

  1. Netrani

There are some really amazing diving sites located off the cost in the state of Karnataka. Netrani a small and humble island is one place that offers many options for diving. This little island is easily accessible from Mumbai, Goa, Mangalore and Bangalore. Netrani is also known as the Pigeon Island, it is known for its amazing diving sites like the Pebble Beach, T55, Cavern, Grand Central and Bomb Rock.

ANDAMAN ISLANDS photoPhoto by lo_ise


The Andamans are one of the best locations for experiencing diving in India. What makes this location just perfect is the beautiful clear waters and corals. Andaman beauty is still untouched, guess this is the reason why its still unspoiled. The beautiful sea here shines with all the glory. To experience diving in the Andaman Islands, December to April is the best time.

  1. Havelock Island

This beautiful tropical island is one of the most popular diving spot in the country. To reach the Havelock island it would take some two to three hours. This location is a true treasure for all those who love diving and snorkelling. The Havelock Islands have 11 totally unique dive spots. The Wall, Dixon’s Pinnacle, MV Mars and Minerva’s Ledge are some of the most popular and highly recommended ones.

  1. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park
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The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park has 15 islands with coastlines as their boundaries. The park is located in Wandoor, a small village. The park works dedicatedly to protect the aquatic life and also the corals of the Andamans Island. The park has over 271 different varieties of birds which can totally excite those who love birds. Apart from the birds the park offers ample of opportunities to those diving and snorkelling enthusiast. This park can guarantee you an experience that would be totally an unforgettable one. Best time to visit this national park would be from the month of October to February.

  1. Cinque Island

Situated near Port Blair, the Cinque Island is a sure shot treat for experienced divers. It is a beautiful uninhabited island which is a part of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National park. Here diving is about clear emerald waters, shark sightings, and black corals. This is a must have experience for all those who love diving seriously.

  1. Neil Island

Neil Island is a tiny island located in the southern location of the Ritchi’s Archipelago. Unlike the Havelock islands, this one is less crowded and busy. This is one reason which makes it a great place for diving. Since its not bust, you can expect to get a bit more attention from the instructors. Also since less crowd visit this place one can get more time to dive here, it’s like being alone with the sea.

PONDICHERRY photoPhoto by h0lydevil


We all know about this little France of India. Pondicherry is truly unique tiny little town, which has some of the most awesome restaurants. Pondicherry still holds a French influence. Apart from the beautiful beaches, this place is perfect for diving too. January-June and September-November is the best time to visit pondi for diving. But the diving spots at pondi are open throughout the year. although they are open all year round. Diving is Pondicherry is for everyone, be it experienced or experts everyone can experience awesome diving here.

  1. Aravind’s Wall

This is one ultimate diving spot known for its good visibility and low currents. Aravind’s wall is a totally awesome to witness real marine life. Lionfish, banner fish, parrot fish are some of the fishes divers can spot easily at this wall, and on some lucky days dolphins, whale sharks and turtles can also be spotted. This wall is truly mysterious, it has a number of secret spots which are yet to be discovered. Ravines, The Hole and Danny’s Eel Sanctuary are some of the most favorite diving spots at this wall.

  1. Cool Shark Reef

Made of reef balls and scattered corals, the cool shark reef is a natural reef. This reef is located a distance of 6 kilometers from the shore. This is an awesome site for those who love diving and snorkeling. Sighting sharks are a very common at this spot. You can also get lucky if you find some shy creatures popping out gracefully in your way.

  1. 4 Corners

One great diving site for the refresher and open divers. Think about seeing dolphin is groups. Yes, off shore of cruising one can spot dolphins in groups as big as 3 to 50! This diving spot is totally blessed with a profusion of marine life, so it will surely make your diving experience a memorable one.

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LAKSHADWEEP photoPhoto by Thejas


Do you know the fact that there are some 36 islands in the Lakshadweep, but only 10 are inhabited! This is a fact that proves that there are still many islands at the Lakshadweep waiting to be explored. Think about an opportunity to explore the unexplored for the first time. The diving spots at the Lakshadweep offer amazing visibility due to its pristine waters, the best time to visit here is November to March. Travelers need to plan their trip to the Lakshadweep well in advance, it is also needed to take prior permission to visit these islands due to government’s intervention. The government has taken special actions to protect the ecosystem of Lakshadweep. Isn’t this great.

  1. Bangaram Island

The Bangaram Island is a tropical paradise, this is a teardrop-shaped island which is a dream come true for travel enthusiasts. This island is considered to be one of the best getaways across the globe. The island is not very occupied, but end number of tourist and crews visit here to explore the beauty of this beautiful island. This island has two totally brilliant dive sites which one can explore for a mind-boggling diving experience.

  1. Princess Royal

This is one remarkable place that has a history too. Perfect place for diving and snorkeling. If you love history, it would be your chance to peep into the depths of the ocean, yes one can see the remains of a sunken ship here. This ship is said to have sunk in this ocean during a battle, this battle was fought between the British and French! This wreck site is also been taken over by a horde of marine life and can bring in a lot of surprises for the divers. Think about going for some treasure hunting in the oceans.

  1. Manta Point

One really colorful reef which is an absolute favorite when it comes to diving. This reef attracts beautiful creatures like the whale sharks, fellow pelagics, and turtles.

  1. Agatti Island

Located at a distance of around 458 kilometers off Cochin, the Agatti Island is one awesome place.  This island is immensely popular for its multi-coloured coral and beautiful coral fish. The main attraction of this island is Water sports, activities include swimming, boating, canoeing, and diving of course. One can even learn diving from qualified diving instructors and if you know diving well you can even hire diving gears. There are around 11 diving sites at this island, Sting Ray City, Dolphin Reef and Japanese Garden are some of the most popular ones.

This list is surely not full, but it is an attempt to present in front of you an image of what diving in India can be like.  I hope you understand by now that there are plenty of opportunities available in the country when it comes to diving. I feel one of the greatest thing about exploring the ocean is that it can surprise you always. So, it’s time to plan your next diving and snorkeling venture.  Do let us know what your plans are as comments below.

Featured Photo by lo_ise

 10 Dive Spots In India That Will Drive You Crazy

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