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As you all know there are various pilgrimage sites all over the country that receive millions of pilgrims over months and years: listed below are the well-celebrated pilgrimage destination in Himachal Pradesh that is been visited by thousands of pilgrims every day. Although people trust that the God exist in everywhere around us, however, there are exciting stories which create these holy places mesmerically. There are many different auras of these destinations that offer a diverse pleasure to the pilgrims.

Naina Devi Located in Bilaspur

Naina Devi photoPhotos by exploring myself..,

This temple located in Bilaspur district at an altitude of 1177 meters. It is believed that Goddess Sati burnt herself, this had made Lord Shiva much furious. While Lord Shiva acquires infuriated he makes his stunning Tandav Dance, in addition to so he did hold the Goddess Sati by his shoulders.

This additional directed Lord Vishnu to strike his Chakra cutting down the body parts of the Goddess Sati into quite a lot of pieces; then her eyes fell toward this temple. Pilgrims visit this Naina Devi Mandir holding faith at their hearts while Mata Naina Devi would eradicate all the glitches from their life then confer wealth upon them.

Jwalamukhi Temple Located in Kangra


The temple is located at Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh as well as counted at the best-visited pilgrimages destination at Himachal Pradesh. Jwalamukhi acquired its name from the Jwala (flame) as well as the much (mouth). The temple idol stands to be the one of its kind; the eternal flame by the rocks.

The temple is devoted to the Goddess Jwala at the same time it is thought that here is the tongue of the Goddess Sati’s that fell after being run into through Vishnu’s Chakra. The flame is enclosed in a dome completed of gold, as well as the gold was gifted by Great ruler Akbar. The gold spun into the strange metal later than the people finally said that this goddess did not receive his offering.

Baijnath Located in Dhauladhar

Baijnath Himachal photoPhotos by Srini G,

Baijnath temple is positioned in the tiny town of the Dhauladhar Range and one among the most visited and sacred pilgrimage destination in Himachal Pradesh. This temple is almost one thousand-year-old temple and is devoted to the great Lord Shiva also it is among the 12 Jyotirlingas at the state of India. A great crowd of pilgrims travels Baijnath temple, particularly at the Shivratri festival.

You will also find engravings at the wall inferring the story of stunning Baijnath temple. It is supposed that Devil Ravana has worshiped the lord in this temple. This temple is designed in the Nagri style of structural design. Once being rundown since after the earthquake, it is been renewed by the Raja Sansar Chand.

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Hadimba Devi Located in Manali


Hadimba Devi temple is the best widespread temple at Manali and has three-sided triangular like top separated into three segments. The temple holds four storeys which are been entirely created by the wood. Hadimba who is the mother of Ghatotkach she used to come here mostly to meditate in addition to escaping from the misdemeanors of his brother who is a devil. The foremost thing for which this 500 years old temple is respected is for the footprint of Mata Hadimba is been presented here.

The temple was constructed by the Raja Bahadur Singh and collects the even greater number of pilgrims for the duration of the fair or else mela “Saroohni” at his tribute. At the birthday day of Mata Hadimba Devi, womens come from near and faraway cities to have a good time this day by way of worshipping her by greater enthusiasm.

Bijli Mahadev Located in Kullu


The Bijli Mahadev temple is too devoted to great Lord Shiva. The Shivling which is present inside the temple was just the once struck through thunder lightning moreover was broken it into pieces, and at that moment a priest who used to butter to pair it piece by piece. This is a bit that occurs even today as well.

The big staff gets blessings in the form of lightning, that breaks the shiva linga into pieces as well as later the priest will fix it by means of the usage of butter and sattoo. The Bijli Mahadev temple is been visited through the even higher number of pilgrims at the time of “Shivratri” and is a chunk of the beautiful scenery by way of lush green mountains at the milieu.

Baba Balak Nath Located in Hamirpur


This cave in a temple at the border of Hamirpur, as well as Bilaspur, is supposed to be the heaven of Baba Balaknath by his idol inside it. His shrine is furthermore called as the Deo Singh. Pilgrims will visit this shrine from distinct corners at the same time present him gud ki roti and goats (these offering will not be slaughtered however fed).

Although women’s are not permitted nearby the deity but then again they could have the darshan from quite a bit distance away. Watching on the progressive increase in the number of crowds, the government has taken efforts to offer them with a lodge, conveyance in addition to other amenities.

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Mata Vaishno Maha Devi Tirth Temple located in Kullu


This temple is positioned at Kullu and almost 35 km from the town of Manali, this temple was established at the year during 1966 and gets thousands of pilgrims every day ever since. Swami Sewak Das Ji Maharaj who is the saint, was in hunt of serene atmosphere for meditation so he visited here and understood that the Mata Vaishno exists in here.

The saint is as well prominent for his preaching about the “Nishkaam Karseva”, that means self-service. The temple was set up at 1962, lies at the center of lush green valleys as well as has gorgeous wooden works in addition to carvings. You are requested not to get confused by the Vaishno Devi Mandir which is situated at Jammu and the Mata Vaishno Maha Devi Tirth Temple that is in Kullu.

Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara located in Manikaran


This is the supreme holy shrines of Sikhs; the Gurudwara was constructed to honor the visit of Great Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. During the year 1574, Guru Nanak Dev Ji was at the tour together with his disciple Bhai Mardana to diverse places when he preached life lessons also Manikaran was his last stop-off. Manikaran Gurudwara is moreover notorious for its sizzling spring.

This was the destination where Nanak Ji sat, upon the stone, then later requested his believer to lift it. Besides while it was removed, the sizzling spring appeared. It is supposed that dipping the body one’s in this hot water as of the spring creates them realize the place at heaven and have a flourishing life.

Rawalsar Gurudwara Located in Mandi

Rawalsar Gurudwara photoPhotos by banmeet9,

This Gurudwara remembers the stopover of one among of the famous Gurus of Sikhs, the Guru Gobind Singh. He visited here on the occasion of Baisakhi as well as to meet the raja of Mandi, Raja Siddh Sen. For the duration of that time, there were foremost disturbances at the area for the reason that of a well-known ruler incredible Aurangzeb; therefore they together talked about how these difficulties could be embarked upon.

The Gurudwara holds the tank where the water from this tank is reflected to be holy. Whoever has a dip at this water or even when they touch this water it gets sacred and blesses.

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