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Dalhousie is the hill station situated at the western slope of the Dhauladhar Range. This soft and charming town is sprinkled through low roofed stalls as well as colonial buildings. Dalhousie is the exciting amalgam of panoramic views together with the charming architecture. Settled between the green pine then oak trees at the Dhauladhar Range in the Himalaya and nearby Chenab and Beas rivers, Dalhousie is the gorgeous town of Himachal Pradesh. Dalhousie situated at Himachal Pradesh was so-called after the British official in addition to it till now has remembered its vintage charm.

Established at the 1850s, Dalhousie has the ancient world charm revealed at its majestic structural design and churches. Positioned in the middle of the green Himalayas, Dalhousie is located by the banks of River Ravi. The British established the Dalhousie and restructured it offering a European atmosphere. This place is been named after the Governor, Lord Dalhousie, Dalhousie is the perfect tranquil haven for all those who are the nature lovers. Well-known dignitaries’ also famous personalities had used up quite a lot of their time at this beautiful hill station in Dalhousie. So plan the Dalhousie Tour at Himachal Pradesh and delight in the stunning mount retreat.


The Himachal Pradesh state will celebrate their Vasant otherwise called the spring season during the beginning of middle of month March, so at that time the Dalhousie is not the exception for its charm. The chief most gateway of the Chamba town, the Dalhousie is a silent and tranquil hill station that was initially a sanatorium. Dalhousie holds five distinct peaks here – Kathlog, Balun, Bakrota, Tehra as well as Petreyn by the extreme height of 2378 meters beyond the sea level. Dazzling British heritage are the milestones by the town like the churches.

The season of spring at Dalhousie spells the mystic charm to the place. The western Himalayan range revel in the pleasant climate formerly the start of summer. Like that of winter season, Dalhousie provides the exclusive experience even at the spring. The green pastures, the flourishing valleys as well as the cheerful weather offer the rejuvenating holiday. The two good-looking lakes nearby Dalhousie, the Khajjiar also Chamera are between the top utmost allures. A wildlife trip to the Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary would too be the worthy tour for the season.


We have listed below some of the interesting tourist attractions at Dalhousie which you could not afford to miss in the course of visit to Himachal.

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Dainkund – The region is located about a distance of 10 km from the Dalhousie, Dainkund earns a special mention since of its green valleys as well as hills. It is the best towering peak at Dalhousie through an elevation of about 2,745 meters beyond the sea level. The three main river tributaries of Dainkund that are Chenab, Ravi then Beas thread their approach down to the steppes and enhance to the magnificence of this place. You can have an clearl visible picture of these rivers on the clear day.

St. Francis Catholic Church– The region was founded at the year during 1894, this charismatic church holds the European style, decor and structural design. Further from being the main tourist charm, it is moreover the widespread place of worship.

Subhash Baoli – Subhash Baoli is located at the distance of 1.6km off the G.P.O Square, and it is the prominent tourist destination. This much-admired picnic haven entitled after great leader Subhash Chandra Bose, the strong freedom fighter who played the major role in the Indian Independence, had visited Dalhousie hills. The truth that Subhash Chandra Bose has spent a couple of days here will enhance the significance of this place. You would revel in the breathtaking views of the snowcapped peaks from here.

Satdhara – This place is situated at 2,036 meters above sea level, the Satdhara has a crew of seven springs notorious for their therapeutic possessions.

Pangi Valley – The valley is setup at the upper region of the Chamba district and among the Zanskar and the Pir Mangal valley at the Himalayas, Kilhar works as the base of the Pangi Valley. Here you can enjoy in multiple activities, comprising trekking.

Jandhri Ghat – This Ghat situated a hardly any kilometers off Subash Baoli boasts of the splendid citadel which bears the relics of the great Chamba rulers who ruled here earlier to the arrival of the British. That is almost 2 km far away from the Dalhousie town is the Jandri Ghat, the place enclosed through pine forest. The summer dwelling of the rulers of Chamba built during the year 1871 is the chief fascination of the place.

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Bakrota Hills – This is the fascinating peak adjoining Dalhousie town which is recognized for its picturesque beauty particularly at the summer as well as spring season. The whole hill houses a several routes of trekking treks. The greatest thing to delight in at this hill is the picnic. While in the winter season, the peak will be snow clad offering stunning views.

Kalatop – Being located at the height of about 2440 meters, Kalatop has rocky slopes, the striking forest rest house together with the thick surrounding forest. It is said to be famous known to be the  Black Cap, Kalatop is popular for its flora and fauna at the same time for the wildlife. The Kalatop-Khajjiar Sanctuary is the prevalent hideaway for travelers at summer. A motor able road joins Dalhousie through Chamba also Kalatop region. The voyage would be really beautiful in addition rejuvenating.

St Andrew’s Church – This church is too popular as the Church that is in Scotland, St Andrew’s was constructed at the year during 1905 for the Protestant Christians. It is located very much close to the Dalhousie bus stand.The furthermore famous churches located at Dalhousie are the St Francis Church, St Patric’s Church and St John’s Church.

When to go

The Dalhousie is the all-season destination however April to October is considered as the greatest time to visit. Evening as well as nights will be colder from the month of May till June although days experience the summer season climate.


Places to stay

Most of the famous deluxe hotels at Dalhousie offer the accommodation all over the year are Peace Channel Resort, Mount View Hotel, Hotel Dalhousie Heights and Alps Holiday Resort.


Dalhousie is the outstanding destination for trekking through Punjpula trail, Kalatop-Khajjiar trail, as well as Palace trail are said to be the noted ones.


The Pahari paintings in addition to Tibetan handicrafts are the chief purchases from the Dalhousie bazaars. The Subhash Chowk marketplace areas as well as Sadar Bazaar have quite a number of shops selling the handicraft items.

Discover The Splendor Of Dazzling Dalhousie

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