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Are holidays and visits to sites enriched with Muslim imperial edifices of historic phases and related eateries the only chances for you to cherish favorite dishes of ‘Nawabs’ and ‘Begums’? If you are a Bangalorian, then that is not the reality any more. The Marriott Whitefield Hotel of this tech metropolis has come up with the gladdening idea of conducting a Kebab Korma Festival at one of its celebrated bistros—the M Café and therein cater to food-devotees some peerless spreads of the Islam royal scullery.

A delightful glimpse into the fetching Kebab Korma Festival

If asked about your favorite among the offerings from an imperial Muslim kitchen, the reply will be either Kebab (spice-coated Mutton or Chicken first yogurt-dressed for 48 hours and then openly chargrilled for allowing the saps of protein be full of deliciousness) or  Korma (a dense curry consisting of veggies or meat simmered with cream/yogurt and spices) right ? Well, not only you, the relish quotient of 90% global populace, relative to the Islamic noble pantry, render the same vibe. Mouth-watering juiciness of the Kebabs and the luscious richness of the Korma are noted as the cardinal causes behind this fame-hood—that remains at the same peak from past days to present times. And with the view of heightening this celebrity-status of the dishes and in consequence joy-fill all souls in and around Bangalore, the Whitefield Marriott launches the Kebab Korma Festival.

Kebab Korma Festival

Photo by Artur (RUS) Potosi

Fundamentally a brain-child of the hotel’s star chef Pushkar Singh Mehta, this delectable fete has been announced as a 6 days affair (October 9-14), meant to held at M Café’s pleasurable ambience during  the luncheon hours of 12*30-3*30. A pro of his field, Chef Mehta vows to cater the most distinctive preparations of the above-discussed two palates by devoting the totality of his 20 yearlong impeccable prudence. The aspect that the master-mind especially claims as going to be the excitement ratio at this Kebab Korma Festival is the grill sticks’ melting tenderness and the Korma servings’ tempting abundance. The dishes that he recommends as the must sough-after ones include:

  • Akr Sabziyan/Shorba—Vegan broth enhanced with saffron hints
  • Chilgoza Palak Tikki, Hasnoo Mirza Murgh Tikka, Sahi Gelouti Kabab, Tikka Peeli Mirch–Famed Variants of Kebabs known to be distinctive preferences of Islamic nobility
  • Nihare Nalli—Succulent Lamb
  • Massalam Mahi—Fried Fish Korma
  • Gomti ka Dal—Lentil delicacy
  • Khusrang Panner—Cottage cheese cooked the royal style
  • Awadhi Ghost Biriyani—A Nawab favorite platter of rice and beef
  • Chawal Khush—Rice serving consisting of the finest ‘Kush’ grains
  • Tanak Naan—Indian flatbread made from ferment-texture dough
  • Nizam-Ka-Nazzakkat—Nut-stuffed Islamic sweet
  • Phirni Sahi Fashion—A staple Muslim dessert treated at the royal manner
  • Shimla Mirch Halwa—Unique blend of Bell-Paper with clarified butter and sugar
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To amplify the joyous notion, there will be live hosting of char-grilling the Kebabs above flames and flattening and preparing of the Naans—so that the guests get an authentic feel of a Muslim dining atmosphere. The chef also states that for the purpose of culinary creative finesse, he has the plan of altering the imperial menu by a 3 days pace. To zest the relish experience a bit more, you can also opt for peppy beers deals inclusive within the Kebab Korma Festival.

Kebab Korma FestivalPhoto by TheCulinaryGeek

Then knowing about the delish dimensions of marriot whitefield buffet

In addition to this gala eating event, there is also the choice of exploring marriot whitefield buffet at two of the hotel’s esteemed diners. One is the very host of Kebab Korma Festival—the M Café and another is Dilli Darbar. The marriot whitefield buffet served by both of the bistros, imbibe the wholesomeness of gratification, which the authorities wish for the clients to have. The M Café endorses this purpose much more by offering the distinctive facility of a la carte breakfast spread under the scheme of marriot whitefield buffet. This amenity has made it a very coveted eatery among the workaholic Bangalorians.

And some enticing notes about whitefield bar and grill marriott

At the aftermath of cherishing the ‘Nawbi’ delicacies, if you desire to relax and get refreshed within the host hotel’s parameters, then pursue for the whitefield bar and grill marriott. A celebrated domain among India’s liquor-lovers, the alcohol bistro is also the pride of marriot whitefield poolside. The fame quotient of whitefield bar and grill marriott is authenticated through its acknowledgement by Germany’s globally-renowned beer and wine ceremony, the Oktoberfest. Gracing the fresh aquatic ardor of marriot whitefield poolside, this site is your cue to taste some of the cutting-edge potions of liquor.

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Kebab Korma FestivalPhoto by avlxyz

The whitefield bar and grill marriott is also equipped with a highly spruce Barbecue section and avows to serve the top-notch portions of flamed and grilled victuals. Elect any item of your liking from the counter and enjoy biting and sipping by laying back at the marriot whitefield poolside. There is also the perk of prior reservation in the marriot whitefield poolside to augment your leisure time.

Shuffle your October itinerary to actualize a holistic experience of the imperial feast.

Featured Photo by Sergey Vladimirov

Dine Like The Royalty At This Kebab Korma Festival

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