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Dikshit Town – A Must Visit Destination In Ladakh

Has anyone ever wondered what’s the look of heaven? If no is the answer then you must plan a trip to Ladakh to see the beauty of heaven.

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Mustard fields at Khardung village by rajagopal_rajeev under CC BY 2.0

Dikshit is a town located at a distance of 120 kilometers from Leh town. This town is also considered as one of the headquarters of Nubra Valley. The tourists, bikers, and backpackers are attracted towards the Dikshit town. Dikshit town is located at the edge of the desert in Shyok Valley. During the trade time, this Dikshit town was considered as a stopover for caravans between China and Tibet.

Before reaching Dikshit town you need to descend from Khardung la pass, which is a good road and almost takes 3 hours to reach there. Dikshit is the main town of Nubra valley. During the journey, you will find barren lands and hills without any greenery. Some patch of greenery is seen beside the water streams. Also, you will find some places where there is ice melting water and that water is collected in the water streams and is carried to nearby villages by the small canals. From Khardung village, you will reach Khalsar village. Before reaching Khadunga village you will come across the sand deserts where the road passes through barren sand dunes. Here the traveler can enjoy All Terrain Vehicle ride. The ride can be enjoyed for an hour or more by paying some charges.

The Dikshit town is easily approachable through Leh by road. One can hire a jeep to travel to Dikshit town. It takes almost five hours to reach the town from Leh if the traveler leaves in the morning. For single travelers, the jeep can be hired on sharing basis. Buses are also there from Leh bus station. The buses from the bus station leave 4 times in a week that is on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Since the buses are always overcrowded by the passengers so it is always advisable to reach the bus stop before an hour. The bus journey almost takes seven hours to reach Dikshit town.

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There are various accommodation facilities in Dikshit town. Many luxury hotels and guest houses are available in Dikshit town. Also, there is village homestay accommodation in Dikshit town where the budget travelers and backpackers can stay. A room with a mattress is provided to the traveler. The washroom is usually available outside the house.

There are no restaurants in Dikshit town. There are plenty of Dhaba available here which provides soup momos and noodles. The homestays people are provided with local foods like chapatti, dal, rice, and rajma.

Summer month is considered as the best month to visit Dikshit town that is from June – September. Due to heavy snowfall, this town remains cut off for the major part of the months. During October to may, landslides occur in Dikshit town. Since the temperature in the summer season falls below 5-degree Celsius, so it is highly recommended to carry your woolen clothes. During the day time, the temperature is around 30degree Celcius.

Major Attraction That Makes Dikshit Town A Must Visit Spot

The Dikshit town is located just below the main road. There are two main attractions in Dikshit town. The first one is the Dikshit monastery. It is also known as Dikshit Gompa. It is one of the largest and oldest Buddhist monasteries in the valley of Nubra. This monastery belongs to Gelugpa. Hundur monastery and Lachung temple are also located beside this monastery. The Dikshit monastery has a statue of Maitreya Buddha in the prayer hall and also there are various images of guardian deities and a huge drum.  The statue is about 106 feet in height. The Dikshit monastery administration runs a school without the support of government organization and provides different computer facilities and the student’s science subject in English medium of that region. Every year Dosmoche, a popular festival is held in the winter season that is during the month of February. The Lamas of the monastery perform the mask dance during the festival. This performance is done to express the superiority of good forces over the ill fortune. The deity statues are usually covered with clothes and it is during this festival the clothes are removed from their heads.

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The second attraction of Dikshit town is the camel ride. Hunder is a small village located 8 km’s apart from Dikshit town. The roads are quite moderate and full of fruit orchids. If the traveler wishes to halt at night in Dikshit town and if that night is a full moon night then the traveler must not miss the chance to see the beautiful scenes created by the sand dunes during the full moon night. The traveler in Dikshit town gets a chance to enjoy the ride on the back of a double-humped bacterian camel and enjoy the beauty of the sand dunes in the desert. By paying to the rider you get a chance to enjoy this camel ride.

In Dikshit town, walking is the best part to enjoy the beauty of the desserts. It does not take more than 10 minutes to travel from one end to another of the Dikshit town as it’s a very small town. To visit Dikshit monastery the best option is to hire a jeep which hardly takes 7 to 8 mins to reach there. Another option available is through walking which takes nearly 30-40 mins to reach the monastery.

At last, it can be said that is a must visit town in Ladakh if the traveler wishes to enjoy the scenic beauty of Ladakh

Featured Photo: Heavens lake by rajagopal_rajeev under CC BY 2.0

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