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Digha, located at the borderline of the Bay of Bengal, is one of the most popular tourist spots in West Bengal, India. It draws the attention of a large number of visitors every year with the mesmerizing view of the beautiful beaches & sea. People who admire the vastness of the sea & loves to have an eye-pleasing experience of a wide-open place put this place at the top of their favorites.

You can visit the local attractions at any time during the day though early morning, afternoon & evening are a preferable time. Below are some of Digha’s popular tourist attractions-

New Digha

This is an extended part of old Digha & includes a huge number of hotels to house the tourists along with the required facilities. The modernity of this place is a big reason behind it’s being a hot favorite place for the tourists from different countries.

New Digha not only enchants you with the beach resorts but also it has a Science Centre which is a new addition by the National Council of Science Museums. Science lovers can find interesting activities as well as new things to learn at this center. It also has a Jurassic Age themed park which also attracts visitors on a great level.

Digha Beach

digha beach photoPhoto by R.Mitra aka @the.photoguy (instagram)

Digha beach is a sandy place having a large number of food stalls, fun activity center for the tourists & local visitors and park benches which are undoubtedly one of the famous places in Digha. The waves of water are calm & the wind is always very peaceful in the beach. Fishermen are seen roaming around here and there with their fishing net & bag all through the day.

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Junput is also a popular beach located near Digha. You can go there by a public bus or hire a private car from the tourist agencies. The water calm & quiet which is perfect for fishing. If you want to visit Junput beach, make sure you’re coming in between October to March since it’s the best time to enjoy Junput’s mind blowing environment.

Marine Aquarium and Research Centre

This is a place of absolute attraction for thousands of tourists coming to Digha. Marine Aquarium & Research Centre is a hub for varieties of marine lives where researches can be made on their biodiversity and uniqueness. This research center has got the largest aquarium in the whole country which is well-equipped with modern maintenance system. The aquarium contains 8 big reservoirs of fresh water along with 24 marine tanks to ensure proper circulation of water from time to time.


Chandaneshwar is a famous place for Hindu communities due to the temple of Shiva. It’s only 8km away from Digha & a place with great scenic beauty. Chandaneshwar pulls off more than half million visitors during the Gajan Mela or Vishuva Sankranti marking the end of Chaitra. Two noteworthy temples located in Chandaneshwar are- Kapal Kundala & Lankeswari which also attract a large number of pilgrims every year.

Best time to visit Digha

Digha displays its utmost natural beauty, eye-pleasing sights in between the month of September to February. So, it’s the best time to visit Digha for the travelers. Try to avoid the dull monsoon season which continues from July until August & also the hot summer sustaining from April to June.

Winter starts on November & continues till March. It’s quite a good time for the tourists due to comfortable weather. However, if you want to enjoy activities such as- swimming, diving, surfing, or sailing visit Digha any time in between October to March.

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Digha is mostly preferred by travelers with a family since it has all the required facilities & atmospheric conditions to let people enjoy to their fullest with their families. It also goes perfectly with friends or the special one!

Photo by R.Mitra aka @the.photoguy (instagram)


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