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Many people have misconceptions about Indian food, they think its unhealthy. This conception is mainly due to one reason and that is the generous use of spices and oils that add into many of our dishes. But this doesn’t hold true for all our delicacies. There are some dishes which along with being traditionally important are also perfectly healthy. Again it isn’t important that one needs to sacrifice on the taste factor in order to eat healthy food. No not at all, trust me this one dish that I am going to talk about today will make you agree that health and taste can go perfectly together in one plate. Guess Which Dish ! Its The Dhokla. 

Our land India has diverse cultures and also diverse cuisine, there are so many dishes from different cultures which along with being healthy are absolutely lip-smacking. One of them is the world popular Dhokla, from the state of Gujarat. In case you have been eating those cornflakes and oats for too long now, try these steamed fluffy and feather light breakfast and trust me you won’t stop at one plate.

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Entire India Loves Dhokla

This one particular dish doesn’t need any introduction; it comes from the land of Gujarat but trust me it is loved by almost everyone across the entire country. All over the country the Dhoklas are one of the most popular snack item. So be the streets of Gujarat or West Bengal, or any Indian kitchen this one dish has made its place almost everywhere. So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to know more and try this so fresh and fancy Dhoklas?

khaman photoPhoto by chiragndesai

Dhokla With A Drizzle Of Tangy Chutney & Tempering

What are Dhoklas? These are feather-light fluffy beauties which are made by fermented batter and then steaming it to perfection. What makes it absolutely scrumptious is the generous drizzle of those tangy chutneys and then finally finished off with a crackling tempering. I have just one word for that perfect plate of Dhokla which sits right up proudly and that is “Yummy”

Dhokla: A Versatile & Healthy Option

1. Fermented Food

We all know that fermented food is very good for our gut and the traditional recipe of dhokla is made with a fermented batter. The batter includes Besan (Gram Flour) and some very mild spices . the best part is that one can eat this one dish anytime of the day.

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2. Versatile Option

The best thing about this dish is the versatility of the recipe. The recipe invites any ingredient and creates an explosion of flavours and health together. You can put in any ingredient which was piling up in your kitchen for ages and the experiment would come out with an absolutely delicious result.

3. High Rating On the Health-O-Meter

Gram flour as we know is packed up with proteins, so for people looking for some good protein intake this is the right option for you. Apart from being a pack of protein, this one dish is fermented and then Steamed, which makes it a very good option for your digestive system. And for people looking at shedding some extra kilos don’t worry about the calorie-intake. This light, easy to digest steamed dish is a very healthy way to tickle your taste buds as well as satisfy your cravings.

khaman photoPhoto by chiragndesai

Difference Between Dhokla & Khaman Dhokla

We often get confused with Khaman Dhokla and those regular Dhoklas. But these are two different varieties. Normally Dhoklas are made up with rice and chickpeas together, on the other hand Khaman Dhoklas are made up with just one ingredient and that is chickpeas. The Khaman dhokla’s are usually more lighter and softer, even the colour of this variety is lighter than the Dhoklas. When preparing Dhokla baking soda is added in small proportion, on the other hand in khaman a generous amount of baking soda is used to get that fluffy and spongy texture.

khaman photoPhoto by dumkalsubikar

Different Varieties Of Dhokla

There are so many versions of Dhokla’s prepared these days, however some which are traditionally popular have been discussed below.

1. Khaman Dhokla

Call it Khaman or khaman Dhokla, these are one of the most popular versions of Dhokla. Made with Besan or Gram Flour these are absolutely soft and fluffy steamed savoury cakes which are a great snack item for any time of the day. What makes it even more delicious is the imly chutney and mint chutney which make them taste absolutely lip smacking.

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2. Khatta Dhokla

One of my favourite is the Khatta dhokla. These are White colour dhoklas which are an all-time favorite snack. Absolutely lip-smacking, these are soft and spongy, mildly spiced and most importantly as the name suggest Khatta\sour . Traditionally made with rice and urad dal and the sour curd to give it that khatta taste.

3. Rava Dhokla

The Rava or Sooji Dhoklas are white colour dhoklas which are made up with semolina, some fruit salt and curd. This a very quick recipe which can be made in just no time. To enhance the taste a kick of ginger is added to it, along with a tempering of few mustard seeds and curry leaves the dish becomes even more tasty. A perfect option for all those who are watching their weight closely.

4. Mix Dal Dhokla

Mix Dal Dhokla is a very healthy snack option. It is very nutritious and packed up with proteins. The use of the different varieties of lentils like, moong daal , masoor daal , chaana daal and arhar daal makes this dish a rich diet option. Apart from being super healthy this is a very yummy option.

5. Green Peas Dhokla

A delectable option which is loaded with protein. This gujarati farsan is absolutely soft, such that it will just melt your mouth. And we can’t ignore the goodness of green peas, I guess it’s enough to understand the healthy factor of this dhokla. Be it protein, fibre or iron Green Peas Dhokla is a super winner isn’t it.

These were just few of the healthy picks, the options available in Dhoklas is endless. The other must try options are Rasia Dhoklas, Rice Dhokla, Cheese Dhoklas, Khandhavi Dhoklas, Sandwich Dhoklas, and Toor Daal Dhoklas. Why don’t you try experimenting with some of your favourite ingredients and share the recipe with us.

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Dhokla, Feather Light Fluffy Breakfast From Gujarat

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