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The Indian state of Rajasthan is popular for its magnificent buildings and rich cultural royal heritage. It is also a widely accepted fact that a trip to Rajasthan would never be being complete without visiting the modern dunes. Have you ever wondered to visit a national park in the midst of dunes? Well, your dreams of visiting one would come true with the Desert National Park. This national park is declared as a national park in the year 1980. It is unique because it is surrounded by dunes.

A brief overview of the Desert National Park

The National Park is located in Jaisalmer and is also known as a popular tourist spot. It is spread over an area of 3100 square kilometres and is one of the largest national parks in India. It was set up in the year 1980 with an aim to protect the fauna and flora of the desert. As a tourist, you can witness the magnificent wildlife with the help of the Desert National Park Safari. You can also take the help of the Desert National Park Map to observe the arid wildlife of this national park.

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The fascinating aspects of visiting the Desert National Park

You would be delighted to know that the National Park is situated very close to the historical town of Jaisalmer. One can hire a bus or a cab to reach the park. The most amazing thing about the Desert National Park lies in the fact that the wildlife is spread across the desert of Rajasthan. On the other hand, this national park houses the fossils of the dinosaurs who roamed the earth around 6 million years ago. You can also find varieties of a lake inside the Desert National Park which further enhances its beauty.

The Great Indian Bustard is a common sight in this national park. Besides that, you also find lots of other semi-arid fauna and flora which would enthral your senses. In other words, the Desert National Park exudes uncommonness in every aspect. As a lover of wildlife, you would be fascinated to know that this national park is reserved for the betterment of wildlife that stays within its boundary.

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Geography of the National Park

The National Park is an excellent instance of the desert ecosystem. It is interesting to note that the landform of this national park comprises of small bottom and rocks. These areas are also marked in Desert National Park Map. If you want to undertake Desert National Park Safari, then you can look up to the Desert National Park Map.

On the other hand, the topography of the National Park includes sandy and rocky salt lake bottoms. The best season to visit this national park is undoubtedly in the months of winter. You can also visit this national park in the monsoon season. Summers are warm and uncomfortable, and hence you should avoid touring this national park in hot summers.

The traditional activities that you can do in the Desert National Park

The Desert National Park Safari is one of the most sought after events. The rides are quite affordable, and you can witness a lot of wildlife by undertaking a safari. You can also avail the jungle safari from Jaisalmer. On the other side, you can also take a lot of photographs of the various kinds of animals that are found in this national park. Snakes are quite common to find in this national park, and hence you have to be alert always. You can also find a lot of dominant flora like Dipcadi erythema and Ribulus Rajasthan Ensis.

You can also find the desert fox and desert cat in this national park. There is other nearby attractions that you should visit while being on a trip to the Desert National Park.

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Desert National Park- Witness The Arid Wildlife At Its Best

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