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For someone who is traveling India for the first time, India may seem like a fascinating place. It is a place where one can find the exact connection with the term diversity. India is a diverse land where each landscape narrates a different story. Moreover, the regional culture of India in some places would also be able to cast an indelible imprint on the mind of any tourist. In this context, it is important to mention the name of Nubra Valley. It is a dream comes true for every tourist to visit the Nubra Valley. The deep cut Nubra River Valleys and the Shayok Valley offer great natural scenery on a grand scale. It is a place that is not as well-known as it is situated close to the international border. One can find dunes, monasteries and a different culture in this area.

Nubra ValleyPhoto by Yeoboya

Nubra Valley –

brief overview

It is said that the inhabitants of the Nubra Valley once prospered from the extraordinary trans Himalayan trade. It originated with the Silk Road. The Nubra Valley comprises of yawning landscapes, huge mountains and vast swathes of land. However, in recent years, tourism has injected the significant amount of money into the local economy. On the other hand, as Ladakh is slowly rising in popularity as a favored tourist destination, it is likely that many would be tempted to have the extra mile so that they can visit this place. It is a unique place where you can witness the natural beauty of the high altitude cold desert. If you are an ardent lover of photography, then the Nubra Valley is one of the best places to capture the local scenic beauty.

Interesting Aspects

Nubra Valley is one of the world’s highest motorable roads and hence you can get a thrilling experience by driving in the Nubra Valley. In this context, it is interesting to note that the path climbs steadily out of the Indus Valley and Leh and it also crosses the Khardung La Pass that is situated at the height of 5602 meters. However, one should take care while driving on the roads of the Nubra Valley as it has steep inclines. If you are someone who is always ready for a thrilling trip on a rocky path, then the Nubra Valley can be your best bet. Besides that, there are other interesting places to see in the Nubra Valley that can indeed make a tourist happy. You would find a host of Buddhist Monasteries in this place that can ignite the spirit of harmony within you. It is a place that is famous for hiking and trekking. Hence, it is quite common to find the tents of hikers are this area.

Nubra ValleyPhoto by ashwin kumar

The scenic monasteries

There are several towns in the valley, and the Diksit town is one of them. It is also the headquarters of the Nubra Valley, and hence one can find a lot of government offices and public amenities. Quite interestingly, it is also connected to Leh by road. There are several picturesque villages beside the river that one can visit to get a taste of the local culture. The dunes of the Nubra valley can have a peaceful effect on the minds of the tourists. It is a place that can truly fascinate the travelers if they are on the lookout for a place that can give something unique to them. It is a place where one can find tranquility and peace tied up in a single location.

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Featured Photo by ashwin kumar

The Delightful Aspects Of Visiting The Nubra Valley

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