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Every traveler who visits the lakes in Himachal Pradesh will really tell you that these destinations are really a must visit once in the lifetime. Since the lakes in the Himachal Pradesh are the most strikingly beautiful and unspoiled then is incomparable. The mountain slopes are honeycombed with caves as well as studded by lakes.

Also as if to highlight the marvelous natural divergences which are the mark of Himachal Pradesh, together with the icy water of the stunning Alpine lakes, there are several hot springs where you will notice that the temperatures could touch 50 degrees C. Certain of these lakes periods back to millions of years while at time the earth seems to be still young and geographic forces of nature rambling. A number of these lakes are believed sacred as well as still others are watched upon by a dumbstruck gaze for its pure magnificence and flush. Lakes in Himachal Pradesh are the mesmerizing study by colors, ratio, and terrestrial destination.

A lot of the Lakes in Himachal Pradesh is located at high altitudes, entrenched by the rocky and sharp mountain environment. These areas of water are commonly small; in addition to they are icebound during the winter. Thus allowable is the lake on the native Himachal imaginings which it is supposed that birds too look after its sacredness through booming away certain leaf or else stick which floats on to the lake thus its waters will be not blemished through a speck. One more local tradition clamps which the lake’s divinity could gift the wish for the son and so daily hundreds of tiny lamps are been lighted at the surface of these lakes.

Prashar Lake

Prashar Lake photoPhotos by blackfog,

For the die-hard nature lover, offering a miss to the natural splendor of Himachal Pradesh is the uphill task. All over the year limitless tourists, limitless tourists will come to this lake to acquire pleasure from the charming locales. Travelers who come from all over the world to Himachal Pradesh will always have the fascinating experience to boast. The splendid forts, temples, monasteries-all indicate you to have a gaze at the amusing past in addition to the racial legacy of Himachal Pradesh. It would be tough to overlook the attractive valleys, mounts, flora and fauna destinations, springs also lakes as well. The appealing Lakes in Himachal Pradesh create a much-cherished target for visitors coming here. Than that of numerous Himachal Lakes, the Prashar Lake is one among of the desired from the tourists.

Nako Lake

Nako Lake photoPhotos by Shutterclopz,

Nako Lake is situated at the Pooh subdivision; it is 3662 meters beyond the sea level. The region of Kinnaur at which the Nako Lake is located in the picturesque landscape, ideal for exploring at the time during the summer season to escape the warm booms. Edged through Willow Trees together with the Poplar Trees, Nako Lake provides not merely a calming look to the nature lover, however likewise a calm resort to the thoroughly inclined. Willows then Poplars flourish ultimately at the climate in Himachal Pradesh. Positioned near are the famous Buddhist Temples also Monasteries.

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Maharana Pratap Sagar

maharana-pratap-sagar-lake1Photos by Shutterclopz,

It is situated at the Kangra district, the Maharana Pratap Dam is the manmade reservoir. It is otherwise called the Pong Dam Reservoir. Located in Kangra district Maharana Pratap Dam is a man-made reservoir. It is also known as Pong Dam Reservoir. So as to pay tribute to Maharana Pratap Singh this Dam has been built at the period between 1572-1597; this dam was completed has a reservoir for the usages throughout hot summer season months while the craving animals come here to have a gulp of fresh water. It is been positioned along the Siwalik Ranges, it is the significant tourist destination. People from all over the country stopover here so as to see the old dam created throughout the Rajput rule. Located along the Siwalik Ranges, this is an important tourist destination. People from across the country visit here in order to witness the old dam created during the Rajput rule. The water curving down the rocky bumpy terrain was put in storage through building a dam.

Manimahesh Lake


The Lake is situated din the Chamba, Manimahesh Lake is positioned 4800 meters beyond the sea level. It is thus the lake of greater altitude in the Himachal Pradesh region. Chamba is prominent for Minjar Fair that is been held in the month of August and is the famed pilgrim spot since of the presence of several temples as well as places of worship. Certain Lakes at India are located in such higher altitude, similar to that of the Manimahesh Lake and it is inherently related to the Indian Mythology.

Renuka Lake

Renuka Lake photoPhotos by Fred Hsu,

Renuka Lake is located in the Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh also it is recognized as the to the biggest natural lake reservoir at Himachal Pradesh. Having the circumference of about 1214 meters, this lake is termed by its deity name called Renuka, who is said to be the Prashuram’s mother at Hindu legends mythology. The Renuka Lake has got the shape of like that of the reclining woman. Pilgrims over all the parts of India region assemble here for lighting the lamps in the holy water of the Lake Renuka. The minor lake will lie at the foot of its main lake. The Lake is surrounded through an Alpine valley by all sides. There is a quaint temple that is been devoted to the Renuka which lies few distance away from that of the Renuka Lake. The ancient temple is supposed to be the sample of the eighteenth century. Each year at the month of November the annual fair is celebrated with pomp as well as gaiety.

Gobind Sagar Lake

The Artificial Lakes that is been used for storing water for various usages are generally called as the reservoirs and the Gobind Sagar is one among that. Completed mainly by constructing a dam, these Artificial Lakes are nothing but said to be the storage house for natural wealth. Being situated in the great district of Bilaspur , this Gobind Sagar is the man-made dam that produces the hydel power. This Lake is been termed by the name after the 10th Guru of that of the great Sikhs known the Guru Gobind Singh and this Gobind Sagar was established as the waterfowl harbor during the year of 1962. Many birdwatchers in addition to nature lovers are so attracted toward this stunning place.

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Seruvalsar Lake

seruvalsar-lakePhotos by Fred Hsu,

The Himachal Pradesh is always called the home of the Gods, otherwise called the ‘Devabhoomi’ from right early years. The Himalayan ranges through its exciting pinnacles, an air of mystical serenity and prodigious picturesque beauty, seem to be the usual home for the Gods. The Himachal Pradesh state is the packed of high ranges as well as insulated valleys, then several distinct kinds of structural design at the temples.

You can find almost two thousand temples all over spread through the state of Himachal Pradesh. A lot of temples at the Himachal Pradesh state are the significant destination of pilgrimage and every year thousands of pilgrims as well as tourists gather in this place.

Suraj Tal Lake

Suraj Tal Lake photoPhotos by Waypoint-zero,

This is a location between the natural splendors, the Himachal Pradesh state is real must destination that should never be missed by the nature lovers. For visitors who are coming here, there are much more things to see and do here. You might go for a visit towards the great monasteries, forts as well as temples that display the clear picture of the historical also cultural legacy in Himachal Pradesh. The mesmerizing springs, wildlife destinations, mounts, waterfalls and lakes over this destination will with confidence carry your breath away. A much-adored destination for all the travelers visiting here are the mighty lakes of this state. Apart from the other lakes that are located in the Himachal Pradesh, Suraj Tal Lake is one that attracts a lot of tourists towards its spectacular atmosphere. Generally, numerous trekkers from the significant portion of the tourists who will visit the Suraj Tal Lake.

Suraj Tal Lake is located very much at the height of about 4950 m under the pinnacle of the incredible Baralacha pass at the Lahaul area of Spiti also the Lahaul district. This Baralacha Pass links Mandi in addition to Lahaul to the Ladakh. Suraj Tal Lake is said to be the cradle of River Bhaga, and is located at the crown of it. Reflected to be the very much sacred water body, this Suraj Tal Lake appeals pretty little devotees further from that of the normal tourists. Predominantly during the months of a summer season, this destination becomes busy region by way of a massive number of tourists.

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Delight In The Splendid Lakes In Himachal Pradesh

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